A New Member of My Extended Family!

As some of you may know, my son Nick and his partner Jen have just got a new puppy.  A collie from working stock, who is 7 weeks old, and is called Melan.

I went over to see him on Thursday (his first visitor) and yesterday afternoon Nick and Jen brought him here.  It was the first time he had gone out into the big wide world, so their other two collies stayed at home.

My two were very interested in him.  To start with, one of us held Melan while one of my two had a nose at him.  Eilidh was fascinated, and Magnus very excited.

After a while Nick took Melan and Eilidh outside and put Melan on the ground.  Eilidh was very good, and obeyed the instructions to keep her distance until he became more confident. 

Then he became interested in her and they interacted well.  Eilidh licked his face which didn’t bother him. 

Then began to play, but Eilidh is a bit strong and rough for him at the moment.  Give him a few weeks and they will be able to wear each other out!

Meanwhile, back inside, Magnus was enjoying a cuddle with Ben!

Back inside Jen took Melan for a bit and the three dogs looked at each other and got bored with each other.

Just before they left, Ben had Melan, who loved his long hair! This will not be the last post about the dogs…!!


While I have been away….

The past couple of years have not been the easiest, but things are settling down now.  I have had to leave Flotta for good – a wrench, but there it is.  I am now the main carer for my elder son, Ben, and we are in a new house in Kirkwall!

The main change has been the entry into my life of the terrible two.  Just over a year ago I decided I couldn’t live without a Scottie, and I went on line to see what might be available.  Several weeks of searching led me to a litter of wheaten puppies.  Now, I have always wanted a wheatie, so I enquired.  I had just missed the last one.  Then 24 hours later I had another email from the breeder to say someone had pulled out, and the one with the purple collar was now available.  This is Eilidh.

A couple of weeks later a brindle boy became available from a friend of Kath’s, so Magnus became mine.  Tricia brought him up to Lancashire for me and I travelled from there to Inverness by train with two dog carriers!  I was met by my friend Sue and we travelled on up to Orkney by car and ferry.

Both dogs had been born and reared in a family home, so they were very well socialised. 

Ben met them first…

… then Nick (I gave up trying to get them all still – 2 out of 3 was my goal!)

Then came Ben-dog, the black Scottie belonging to Steve.

Both pups were fearless, and on one occasion Eilidh got herself stuck in the mechanism of my riser-recliner.  It took Ben lying on the floor and messing with the motors to get her out.  As soon as she was free, she just curled up by his feet and went to sleep!

Most of the puppy piccies I have are of them asleep – that is the only time they were still enough to get pix!

They were interested in everything, and adored cardboard boxes….

If you want to see moving piccies visit my YouTube page!