The Adventures of Eilidh and Magnus

Eilidh, my sweetie wheatie, is a stubborn and determined little baggage!  She was the smallest of the litter, but the first to have both ears up.  So I never knew her with her ears down.

Magnus, on the other hand, spent the first few months with me with one ear up and one ear down!  They say that if a Scottie’s ears are not up by the time they are 5 months old they will never go up.  Magnus was 6 months old before his second one went up!

Both dogs were unaffected by the cold and the wet, and spent hours rushing round the garden, pausing occasionally to take stock.  They are both diggers, but it shows more on Eilidh….

Then came the snow – something they both LOVED!  They took every opportunity to get wet and dirty, then they would crash out on the sofa.

Both dogs learnt very early that my granny wagon meant fun.  They rode on the footwell until they got to the end of the wall, when they got off and ran along the grass.  They are very good at staying on the verge or pavement.

About this time Eilidh decided she was part meerkat!  She loves to stand on her back legs so she can get a better view.  When on the lead she will sometimes use it to lean off, but in the garden she just stands tall.

By now their adult coats were coming through.  Eilidh is fifty shades of blonde, while Magnus is a hundred shades of everything. 

As ever, videos here.


Boxing Day Gift

As most of you know, I do not do sales of free give-aways.  When my electric and groceries are free, my patterns will be free.  But most years I do a Boxing Day special to thank my loyal customers for their support.

Where ever you are in the world my patterns on Ravelry and Etsy will have a reduction with the code BOX18. 

If you want to pay in £££ then patterns in my Etsy shop will have £4 off.

If you want to pay in $$$ then patterns in my Ravelry shop will have $6 off.

This means you can choose either to have a pattern for free, OR you can have the discount off a more expensive item like an ebook.

Here are some ideas.  Click the captions to be taken to the pattern in my Esty shop. (Note that once the discount is placed the VAT will change.)

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For all the patterns in my Ravelry shop, go here.

For all the patterns in my Etsy shop, go here.

While I have been away….

The past couple of years have not been the easiest, but things are settling down now.  I have had to leave Flotta for good – a wrench, but there it is.  I am now the main carer for my elder son, Ben, and we are in a new house in Kirkwall!

The main change has been the entry into my life of the terrible two.  Just over a year ago I decided I couldn’t live without a Scottie, and I went on line to see what might be available.  Several weeks of searching led me to a litter of wheaten puppies.  Now, I have always wanted a wheatie, so I enquired.  I had just missed the last one.  Then 24 hours later I had another email from the breeder to say someone had pulled out, and the one with the purple collar was now available.  This is Eilidh.

A couple of weeks later a brindle boy became available from a friend of Kath’s, so Magnus became mine.  Tricia brought him up to Lancashire for me and I travelled from there to Inverness by train with two dog carriers!  I was met by my friend Sue and we travelled on up to Orkney by car and ferry.

Both dogs had been born and reared in a family home, so they were very well socialised. 

Ben met them first…

… then Nick (I gave up trying to get them all still – 2 out of 3 was my goal!)

Then came Ben-dog, the black Scottie belonging to Steve.

Both pups were fearless, and on one occasion Eilidh got herself stuck in the mechanism of my riser-recliner.  It took Ben lying on the floor and messing with the motors to get her out.  As soon as she was free, she just curled up by his feet and went to sleep!

Most of the puppy piccies I have are of them asleep – that is the only time they were still enough to get pix!

They were interested in everything, and adored cardboard boxes….

If you want to see moving piccies visit my YouTube page!

5-4-3-2-1 Goodbye 2016

To celebrate the end of 2016 I am running a special bundle offer.

$5 each bundle
4 bundles
of 3 patterns
for 2 days
1 chance only

The bundles are either completely new patterns, or ones which have been in magazines and are now available as single patterns for the first time.

The promotion will go live on the evening of 29th and will run for 30th and 31st December,

There will be two ways to get your bundles.
1) On Ravelry. This will mean your bundle will be in your Ravelry library, but it will also mean you are liable for VAT.
2) From my website. I will be manually sending patterns out, so you will NOT be liable for VAT. I will NOT be able to put them in your Ravelry library – sorry.

Remember, too, that I am in the UK so may well be asleep when you purchase your patterns.  I will send them when I am up again!

The URL for my website page is:


The Fair Isle Bundle  –  Ravelry code FIBUN


The Children’s Bundle  –  Ravelry code CHBUN


The Cropped Top Bundle  –  Ravelry code CTBUN


The Accessories Bundle  –  Ravelry code ACBUN



The details of all of the patterns are in my Ravelry shop, my Etsy shop, and in the Patterns section of my website.

Lots More Skillshare Classes

Oh, I have been busy!  I’ll talk about the knitting stuff on another post.  This one is to tell you about my new Skillshare classes.  If you do anything with fibre I may just have the class for you!

For those who haven’t heard of it, Skillshare is a video-based teaching site.  Some of the classes are free, but for most of them you sign up to the site and get access to ALL of the classes.  Teachers have what is called a ‘channel’ – in other words a page where their classes are listed.  My channel page is here.

So what is new?  Quite a bit actually….  Let’s go through the classes I have published since I last mentioned them here.  Click on the pictures to go straight to that class.

For spinners there is Spinning Long Draw.


For knitters there is Starting Lace Knitting, Lace Knitting 2, Reading Lace Knitting Charts and Blocking 1.





For crocheters there are classes aimed at the forgotten section of the hooking community, those who are left handed! Crochet for Left Handers and Crochet for Left Handers 2.



And for dyers there are the first two in a series of four on dyeing with Kool-Aid, Dyeing with Kool-Aid to get Even Colours, and Dyeing with Kool-Aid to get Uneven colours.



I have more classes in the pipeline, so why not ‘Follow’ me and get notification when I publish a class?  I hope to see you over there!

I’m Teaching on Skillshare!

As some of you know, I am now teaching on Skillshare.

If you’re not familiar with Skillshare, it is an online learning community with thousands of classes on everything from business to graphic design to fashion to cooking to craft – and many more. Classes are video based, and each has a project attached to it.

So far I have published 4 spinning classes, but I have dyeing, knitting and crochet classes in the pipeline, along with more spinning ones.

By using this special link, you’ll get access to all of my classes, plus all other classes on Skillshare for 3 months for just $0.99.

The classes I have published so far are these:

Caring for your Wheel – a necessary starting point for all spinners!

caring title med

Spinning Finer – this class takes you from where you are now to spinning finer and then fine.  If you can spin a single, however bumpy, this is for you!

spinning finer

finer project

Spinning Ultra-Fine – for folk who want to try spinning the finest thread possible, either because they want to knit/weave/etc with them, or as a technical exercise.

spinning untrafine


Spinning Silk – Silk is very slippery and folk sometimes find it difficult to work with after wool.  However, once you get the hang of it, spinning silk is huge fun.

spinning silk

silk thicker skein

The introductory video of every class can be watched by anyone.  I have also put these videos on my YouTube channel.

Some of the classes I have started filming:

  • Spinning Exotics
  • Reading Lace Knitting Charts
  • Stating Lace Knitting
  • Crochet for Left Handers

In the planning stage:

  • dyeing with Koolaid
  • tie dyeing with Dylon
  • more lace knitting classes
  • working with fleece
  • Estonian lace knitting stitches

If you click the ‘Follow’ link on my Skillshare page you will automatically be told when I publish more classes.

I look forward to seeing you there.