Painting Yarn Bowls

There is a shop on The Street in Kirkwall, called Aa’ Fired Up, where you can paint pottery blanks and they fire it for you.  (There is one in Lerwick, Shetland too.)  One of the many blanks they have available is a large yarn bowl, so three of us went together to paint our own bowls.

The place is very well organised, with tables set out with the various paints and brushes.  We were told how best to proceed, and shown the reference plate with the finished paint colours, often quite different from the colour in the bottle.

We all decided to paint the inside first.  Sharon and Jackie chose a pinky-lilac colour and I chose a greeny turquoise.  We had been told to give it three coats to get the intensity shown on the plate.  The paint dried very quickly so we didn’t have to wait between coats.

Sharon and Jackie used a purple for the outside of their bowls, and both chose to screen print things on.  I used the pinky-lilac with two coats only, and then painted on some stylised lavender. 

Then we went away with instructions to come back a week later to pick up the fired pieces.

Sharon’s bowl:

Jackie’s bowl:

My bowl:

We were all very pleased with how they had turned out! 


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