Embroidered Photos – Additions

In the first blog post about my embroidered pictures I showed you some of the pieces where the embroidery was used to enhance a photo.  In this part I am showing you some examples where the embroidery has been used to add something to the photo.

The photo above came from the same shoot as the last one from my first post.  Here I used ribbon flowers to mimic the rosebuds on her dress in colours taken from the photo on the fabric.

I used this technique on several portraits.  This is a girl I knew who hoped to go into modelling and she asked me to take some portfolio shots.  (She got taken on by the agency!)  Again, this shot cried out for ribbon flowers.

Flowers did not feel appropriate for a male friend, so I used needle lace leaves instead.  These are made by attaching the wire to the shape you want to a piece of card, then stitching as required before taking the leaf off the card.  It is a technique I enjoyed very much.

Sometimes a photo feels empty.  It needs ‘something’ to give it a focus.  That is what I felt about this photo – it needed someone on the bridge, but nothing too complex.  I therefore decided on the dress and parasol only, and enhanced the trees to bring the focus right in.

This beach scene was another empty shot.  When I saw the flat rock, I knew it needed a mermaid.  Once she was complete, I felt it needed something else to balance the picture, and the boat she was luring on to the rocks seemed just right!

Sometimes I took shots with embroidery in mind.  An example of this was a row of trees below.  We had been watching hot air balloons from my parents’ house so I looked out for a suitable place to photograph what I wanted.

The original photo for the picture below was a small section of a photo of shadows on grass.  I wanted to embroider a garden and it formed the ideal background.

One of the last pieces I made used a photo of a lochan on Hoy.  There were hundreds of huge dragonflies flitting about, but they were too quick and too translucent to photograph with the camera I had that day.  So I added my own.  This is again goldwork, but this time most of the embroidery is not on to the fabric, but on wires.  The four wings were made separately as the leaves above.  The body was made with two strands of quite thick wire, embroidered over in gold.  The eyes are gold beads  This was then attached to the photo fabric and the wings attached to the thorax.  A flat bead was added over the wings to form the thorax, then the wings were bent into the right shape. 


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