Up to Date on the Scotties!

As the spring came, it was time to get the dogs clipped for the first time.

The Before photos:

The After photos:

Both looked gorgeous and Magnus was poetry in motion.  I had hoped to show him in the local shows but it wasn’t to be.

Then come September we moved into a new build belonging to the local Housing Association.  The two dogs now spend a lot of time watching the world go by on the windowsill of my room.

They also love to sleep there!  Eilidh in particular is frightened she might miss something exciting!

It was time for them to be clipped again, and my head overruled my heart – all their furnishings needed to come off.  Ben took a few pix before they went:

Now they are shorn!  And that means you can see their bone structure – which is very good!  Eilidh is a natural in front of the camera, and her colour makes her an excellent prop in photos shoots!  Here the knitwear is a hat, cowl and gloves for the next book.


8 thoughts on “Up to Date on the Scotties!

    1. I have been blue or green or purple for over a year. Nicer than grey! I first went blue for my trip to the Harry Potter thing in London, as I am a Ravenclaw, but people liked it, so I have kept it!

  1. Aren’t they a picture? So cute. and obviously that window was made just for them.

    Reminiscing a bit – My mum used to groom terriers at the place where she worked in Arizona. Back in the day they used a stripping knife to trim them just right and she’s a bit snooty to this day on using CLIPPERS (the horror) on SCOTTIES. Considers it lazy and JUST NOT DONE! However, she did show from way back in the 60s and that would never have done in the show ring.

    I have corgis, one’s a fluff, so I just have endless brushing.

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