Winter Skies

One advantage of living in the north is the fact that in the deep mid winter sunrise and sunset are at civilised hours, so sun rise and sunset are easy to photograph.  The main disadvantage is that round Christmas, the dogs’ evening walk happens at 1 pm so that we can get back before dark.

One thing my dogs have to learn early in life is that at times they have to sit and wait for me to take photos!  All these were taken on dog walks.

At present the morning walks, starting about 8.10 am, begin in the dark.  Gradually the sky lightens and becomes orange to the south, where the sun will soon rise (OK – south east).

In the morning I tend to walk the dogs separately.  I usually take Magnus first, and then Eilidh.  They get to choose whether we go left at the bottom of the road, to Muddisdale, or right to the Peedie Sea.  The day I took these photos Magnus went left, and Eilidh right!

At the turning point in Muddisdale I can see our house – the bungalow on the right in the photo below.

Eilidh and I then went to the Peedie Sea.  There are three pieces of water here.  Technically the round, central one is the boating lake, but the whole area tends to be called the Peedie Sea.  The spire here is St Magnus Cathedral, and the other two towers are the old power station.  The long view…

.. and the close up:

Another day we were slightly later, and the same scene looked like this:

By the time we get home, the sun is up, but very low.  This gives a wonderful clarity to earth and sky.

On the afternoon walk I usually take both dogs, and we go up along the Old Finstown Road.  This gives wonderful views of Kirkwall:

Occasionally I leave the walk a little too late, which means we get the full benefit of sunset!

And in case you were wondering, these photos are as they came out of the camera. I have cropped them, but the colours are all as they were.


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