The New House

We moved into our new house in September.  It is the first time I have lived in a new build, and some things have been a bit of a learning curve!  It is a wheelchair-friendly bungalow, with a wet room as well as a bathroom.

It has triple glazing.  If you have ever lived in a house where the curtains swung every time we had a bit of a blow, and where you are paying 15% of your income in electricity and still feeling cold, then you will know the joy that small sentence gives!  Here we are actually warm!

As it is a Housing Association house, we had no time to move in gradually.  Boxes were filled PDQ and my wonderful carer, Michael, took lots over and filled the kitchen cupboards before the removal van day.  But we still had loads of bits and pieces.

The dogs took it in their stride, and soon found places to snooze and gather their energy for ‘helping’ with the next bit!

Having come from a furnished let, we were missing some types of furniture.  We have a place called Restart Orkney which repairs and sells items.  We got 2 leather arm chairs, a riser recliner and this 1930s ‘unit’ from there. 

The unit is mahogany and was made by a Kirkwall firm that also made a lot of the furniture for Melsetter House, the Arts and Craft Movement house on Hoy.  The items on its top keep evolving!

Being a wheelchair-accessible house it has wide corridors – wide enough for good, deep bookcases and a sideboard.

It also has a low window in my room (officially the living room) which the dogs took over immediately.  Here they sit and watch the world go by, and here they sleep exhausted after dog training classes!

The garden is fenced and is sloping.  Perfect for the dogs to rush around.  It looks over fields to the golf course: so suburban.

I cannot see the sea from the windows of the house, but can from 10 feet away!  For those of you who knew where we lived before, Braevalla, and where Nigel lives, this gives some idea of the locale:

Being at the top of the scheme, it can be a tad windy at times, but we do get the most beautiful skies.  This is taken from the back garden…

… and this is taken on one of my dog walks.  Our house is roughly in the middle (from left to right) of this pic, towards the bottom.

Another thing about winter is the fact that dawn is about 10 am and sunset about 3 pm.  This means I take the dogs for their morning walks before sunrise and have to make sure I am back from the ‘evening’ one before 3.  The sun rises and sets in the south!

This is dawn from the front of the house…

…and this is dawn from one of my walks.  The Peedie Sea is in the foreground with the spire of St Magnus Cathedral framed by the two towers of the old electricity power station.


16 thoughts on “The New House

  1. What a wonderful beginning to a new year! Wishing you much warmth, good health, happiness, and enjoyable spinning, and knitting projects!

  2. Lovely to read about and see the pictures of your new house hope you and the dogs will be very happy there.
    Patricia Williams

  3. Such beautiful photos. I’m so glad you now have triple glazing. When I read about storms in your area, I would wonder how you and your dogs were faring.

  4. Looks as if it will be lovely and snug. And practical too – with space in the right places. Lovely dogs, of course.

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