Lots More Skillshare Classes

Oh, I have been busy!  I’ll talk about the knitting stuff on another post.  This one is to tell you about my new Skillshare classes.  If you do anything with fibre I may just have the class for you!

For those who haven’t heard of it, Skillshare is a video-based teaching site.  Some of the classes are free, but for most of them you sign up to the site and get access to ALL of the classes.  Teachers have what is called a ‘channel’ – in other words a page where their classes are listed.  My channel page is here.

So what is new?  Quite a bit actually….  Let’s go through the classes I have published since I last mentioned them here.  Click on the pictures to go straight to that class.

For spinners there is Spinning Long Draw.


For knitters there is Starting Lace Knitting, Lace Knitting 2, Reading Lace Knitting Charts and Blocking 1.





For crocheters there are classes aimed at the forgotten section of the hooking community, those who are left handed! Crochet for Left Handers and Crochet for Left Handers 2.



And for dyers there are the first two in a series of four on dyeing with Kool-Aid, Dyeing with Kool-Aid to get Even Colours, and Dyeing with Kool-Aid to get Uneven colours.



I have more classes in the pipeline, so why not ‘Follow’ me and get notification when I publish a class?  I hope to see you over there!


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