Tour de Fleece – the Rest of the Yarns

Where does the time go?  I should have out these photos up ages ago, but I have been so busy.   But here they are.

As I was spinning away I found I needed more bobbins.  I looked in my tube for the spares and found one full of a lovely lime green single, and one with the ends of various bits of singles from a wide variety of projects.  So I did my usual trick and plied the green against the ends.  There were some ends left, so I plied the remainder of these against the remains of the earlier TdF singles.  Here are the results:

01 first 2 bobbins


I collect these bits of yarns and periodically knit them up into lengthways scarves, or hats.  The colours always seem to go with each other.

Now I had empty bobbins I filled them up!  The first was a set of rolags called ‘Tulips’.  I spun these fairly thick with a fairly loose twist. (They will be knitted and lightly felted.)  With singles I try to leave them on the bobbin for a while to help set the twist.

03 originals

04 one puni

05 whole bobbin

Next I went to a much gentler colourway and spun a much finer yarn.  This was another gradient colourway which spun up very easily.  I spun 5 rolags onto each of two bobbins and then plied them together.




I had time to spin up one more set of gradients.  This was 100g of wool-based fibre and 50 g of silk brick in the same colours.  I spun the wool up to about twice the thickness of the silk and then plied them together.  I was really pleased with the result.




12 silk wool

My complete haul for the 3 weeks or so was satisfying.  I hadn’t forced myself or set any goals this time, but I really enjoyed the spinning – which is the important bit!


2 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece – the Rest of the Yarns

  1. I love hearing from you. I like the idea if knitting a scarf lengthwise. I’m knitting woolies for the earthquake victims in Nepal, and have two BFL handspuns I want to combine. This will help.

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