Tour de Fleece 2016 – First Yarns

For several years now, there has been a global spinning ‘event’ which happens during the cycling Tour de France.  The idea is that you spin every day the Tour is on, with your own challenges on the special stage days, and post photos of each day’s work on Ravelry.

This year I am taking part with Team Bliss.  We are spinning on our Bliss wheels and are an informal team, being more relaxed than the ‘pro’ teams!

I am spinning several different gradients, in different forms and different fibres.

The first is 100% merino, prepared as ‘punis’.  True punis are made from cotton, but these are rolags, often on a blending board, and rolled tightly round a stick.  They are used for long draw.

banana 2

These are from Shunklies, and called Mint Choc Banana.

banana 1

When opened up and straightened out you can see the colour change.

banana 3

I spun one from the chocolate to the mint and the next from the mint to the chocolate.

banana 4

I had 10 punis and spun 5 on one bobbin and 5 on the other.   Once plied it looked like this:

banana 5

And the final skein:

banana 7

banana 6

My next fibre was two braids of top made from 50% merino, 25% rose and 25% yak, from Hilltop Cloud. These braids went from a very pale shade at one end to very dark at the other.

t 1

I spun each one on a different bobbin, starting the turquoise one at the pale end and the tan one from the dark end.

t 2

t 5

I then plied  the two to give an aran weight yarn:

t 6

As expected. the whole skein ended up looking very ‘similar’.  The colour changed will only become obvious when knitted up.

t 8


8 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece 2016 – First Yarns

  1. So very pretty. The Mint Choc Banana looks delicious – I imagine I can smell it.

    So will you be spinning any lace weight? I’ve read your book about fine spinning – can’t do it yet, but it is inspiring.

  2. They look lovely Liz. I am still just spinning fine merino which I enjoy about 600metres per 100 grams.

  3. Very interesting! I am in mid – spin on the Tour de Fleece, and your findings make me want to re-think my next project. Thanks so much for the insight into this project – wonderful.

  4. I was at a craft fair today and thought of you. I spent some time talking to one of the spinners while I knitted. She was working on some almost fluorescent pink. It is not a colour I could ever work with but there were children stopping to watch. We may yet have another generation of spinners and more!

  5. Great examples of how color is so much livelier when made up of blips (dots) rather than totally blended. Beautiful spinning !

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