A Family Wedding

As some of you know, I have a granddaughter called Natasha, or Tash for short.  Yesterday she married her longterm boyfriend, Sean.

The wedding took place in a clearing in a small wood called Happy Valley.  Unfortunately it poured with rain the whole time!

Here are a few photos I took before and after the actual ceremony.

The first three were taken by my son Ben in Kirkwall before we left for Happy Valley.  It was dry then!  The dogs belong to Nick, Tash’s father, and Ben was acting as dog sitter for 24 hours.

wedding  001

wedding  002

wedding  003

My shawl is the one from my book, Magical Shetland Shawls.  Tash wore another from the same book, the Heirloom shawl.

wedding  005

Although my son Nick is Tash’s biological father, she was brought up by her mother Rachael and a friend of Nick’, Craig.  So Nick and Craig decided to share the father-of-the-bride duties!  Both gave her away.  Here they are waiting to be called down to the clearing where the ceremony took place.  Tash’s sister Charlotte was in charge of Tash’s train, and with all the rain it had to be held up out of the mud!

wedding  004

wedding  006

wedding  007wedding  008

Nick, ever the clown, decided my hat would suit him…

wedding  009

I had bought a brolly specially for the occasion, and Nick then hijacked that to try to keep Tash dry.

wedding  010

wedding  011

As they got ready to move off down the path, I got this pic of Tash looking pensive…

wedding  012

I then went back and sat in the car, as they were using frankincense, which I am allergic to.  (At least I stayed fairly dry!!)

The rain poured down throughout the whole ceremony, and when it was over, people rushed for their cars.  Tash was so wet, however, that she wasn’t bothered.

wedding  014

(That is mud on the hem of her dress, legs and shoes, not lace!!)

It was lovely to see Tash and Sean so happy.  They are young, but they have been together for at least 5 years, and both know what they are doing.  I am sure they will be happy together.

wedding  015

wedding  016

And finally, one of more of the kilts….!!

wedding  022



15 thoughts on “A Family Wedding

  1. so sorry about the rain, but it looks like they had a wonderful day – and her shawl is lovely – as is yours. Hope your hat did not get ruined in the rain!

  2. Oh my goodness, her shawl is fabulous! such a bummer about the rain, but they do look so happy! Best wishes to the newlyweds! Thanks for sharing such a lovely occasion.

  3. We’re going to be in Orkney for a short time next year, might it be possible to meet you to talk about lace?

    Mary – nee Livock!

  4. What a beautiful bride. It had to be a special wedding when the bride can keep smiling though the rain.
    Barbara Wyant

  5. What a lovely day. They look such a happy couple and lovely to see a ceremony celebrating the people and not the venue and decorations! Just beautiful and so special.

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