Flotta in June Part 2 – Man Made

This is a collection of photos which can loosely be considered Man’s interaction with the natural world.  I have included farm animals here just to even up the numbers!

Again, no writing, just pictures.

Flotta B 017
The WW2 remains on Stanger Head.
Flotta B 018
Longhope across the Sound, with Kirk Bay.
Flotta B 001
Young cattle who have not yet shed all their winter coats.
Flotta B 002
My house from the Little Lingle road.
Flotta B 003
The Flotta penguins.  Daddy, Mummy and Baby!
Flotta B 004
One of the many lookout posts and gun towers from WW1 and 2.  Looking across to Switha.
Flotta B 005
Looking towards Stanger Head from West Hill.
Flotta B 006
Mum and baby in the evening light.


Flotta B 007
Highland Cow and calf.
Flotta B 008
Shetland ewe calling to her lambs….
Flotta B 009
… who are busy playing hide and seek (see some others in the long grass?)
Flotta B 010
6 of the 10 lambs playing in the reedy grass
Flotta B 011
A WW2 building is now part of the Blackback colony’s territory.
Flotta B 012
There are the remains of many houses all over the island.
Flotta B 014
WW2 remains in the foreground, the Flotta windmill on West Hill behind.
Flotta B 013
The Flotta windmill and the hills of Hoy.
Flotta B 015
The oil holding tanks across Pan Hope.








4 thoughts on “Flotta in June Part 2 – Man Made

  1. Thank you so much for these photos. I know that the shepherds must raise Texels or Beltex, so that they make a decent income (selling the lambs for meat) but oh, the Shetlands are such prettier sheep!

    1. The Flotta turbine has been up for about 6 years. There are loads of turbines all over Orkney. The main problem is that the cable linking the islands to the Scottish mainland is ‘full’ – we could produce far more energy than we use, tidal and wave as well as wind. It is a huge political issue here.

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