Flotta in June Part 1 – The Natural World

I was back home on Flotta for a couple of days last week, and spent some time cruising the island giving my car a run!  I took a lot of photos, and so I have split them into two parts.  These are basically wildlife and the natural world,  The second part will be man made.  Roughly!

So here are some picture.  No writing except the captions.  Enjoy!

Flotta A 001
The island of Fara witht the hills of Hoy behind.
Flotta A 002
A Bonxie (Artic Skua) at her nest. These seemed far fewer on West Hill than usual this year.
Flotta A 003
Cotton Grass


Flotta A 004
There were a few late Bluebells on the verges.
Flotta A 005
Flotta A 006
I know these as rock roses, but have no idea what their proer name is!
Flotta A 007
Thrift, or Sea Pinks.
Flotta A 008
A Cow Parsley head that has survived the winter storms.
Flotta A 009
Stanger Head covered in flowers of all sorts.
Flotta A 010
Switha from Little Lingle. In the autumn these beaches and rocks are covered in seals.
Flotta A 011
The geo to the north side of the path out to the Cletts. The birds nesting are Fulmars.
Flotta A 012
The geo to the south side of the path, with one of the rock stacks known as the Cletts. There is a cave right through the rock under the path.
Flotta A 013
Fulmar on her nest.
Flotta A 015
Blackbacked Gulls making their presence heard!
Flotta A 016
The Fulmar on the left had just come back from fishing, and was feeding his mate.
Flotta A 017
A screaming mass of Backbacks and Greater Blackbacks.
Flotta A 018
From Stanger head looking back over Flotta to Hoy.

7 thoughts on “Flotta in June Part 1 – The Natural World

  1. So beautiful. I can almost hear the gulls crying, and feel the wind that blows through the late spring flowers. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for such beautiful views. I hope you can bring us some pix of seals on the beach, too, when autumn arrives.

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