Another Dog Blog!

It seems you all like dogs as much as I do!  So by popular demand, some old and new photos…


This one is of Scottie and Ben 8 or 9 years ago!  Scottie came from STECS, the breed rescue society, when he was 18 months old.  When he came to me he had been loved to bits, but fed rather too much.  On our very first walk he laid down at one point and couldn’t continue.  We stopped for a while and finally he got up and carried on!  I had had him for a couple of years when Ben joined us as a 7 months old ruffian.  He was completely untrained and wilful, but soon settled to become a very happy, well behaved dog.

One more of Scottie, in his last year, looking after my granddaughter, Tash.


Ben is still very much about, and living with Steve.  A few weeks ago Nick and I took Ben and Isla to be clippped.  This is the ‘before:


Ben after:


Isla after:


And both of them together on a walk a few days later:


Nick has 2 Boarder Collies.  Bess, here with Ben, is, at 11, getting an old lady.


Wobble, in the background, is 2.  She is from the same breeder as Bess.


When Scottie had to be put down (large abdominal tumour) 2 years ago I had two sisters from STEC.  Meg (at the top of the post) was 12 and Isla 10 going on 10 months!  From the start they loved the freedom of their Flotta life, and spent hours sitting looking out of the gate, watching the world go by!

PhotoELF Edits:
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Meg had to be put down a year ago (a liver tumour) but Isla is still going strong!  She has adapted to town life pretty well, and she and my son Ben are great friends.  The rougher he is, the more she seems to like it.  The other day he put her in his linen basket.


She buried down in and settled for a sleep.


Isla is a sun worshiper.  In the mornings she lies in my bedroom, which is east facing.  In the afternoon she is in the west-facing sitting room, moving round with the sun!  She loves the days when the back door can be open all day and she can sit outside and get really, really hot!


She is a great companion!


7 thoughts on “Another Dog Blog!

  1. Yes, we like dog blogs! And we like seeing wonderful dogs who have gone on yet are still part of the family. We have those here, too, along with the current crew of two rescues (Border collie and Border collie/Australian shepherd cross).

  2. Love your photos Liz they are great companion especially when you live on your own interesting the groomer does not leave their furnishings on as we do here.

    1. I ask her not to. Ben lives on the back of a farm, amd mine are always in ditches and the sea, so it is better for them, and easier for me, if they are clipped out. They would look better with their furnishings, but would be less comfortable – and for the life they lead, that is the key thing.

  3. Thank you so much, Liz, for sharing so many wonderful pictures of your dogs. Each and every picture is special. I am so happy to see your “Dog Blog.” You can never have too many pictures of your dogs, as far as I am concerned. Now if they would only learn how to knit. 🙂
    Thank you, once again. Melodye Traupel

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