Northern Lace Website Revamp

I first built my Northern Lace website 18 years ago.  And for the last 16 winters I have intended to revamp it.  I have finally done it!

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The original site had been added to piecemeal over the years, but this time I have started from scratch and built a site long the same lines as my Northern Lace Press site.

I wanted to keep the site quick to load and easy to manoeuvre.   (My own pet hate is sites which are all bells and whistles and take forever to load!)  I also wanted to add my patterns to the site.

I have kept the colours the same on every page, but have changed the top banner each time.  The home page gives general details, along with links to my Twitter, Facebook and Ravelry feeds.  The legal bits are all on the About page.

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As the North Ronaldsay sheep are an important part of my life, I have a page about them with plenty of pictures, and that leads on to another page with more photos.

Northern Lace Website 01

Rather than list my books here, I have a page which links over to the Northern Lace Press website.

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All this is good, but the best bit is that I now have a shop with all my patterns accessible from my own website.  Prices are in ££ and include VAT where appropriate (sorry about that!).  And you can pay with either Paypal or directly with your credit/debit card.

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I still have all my patterns on Ravelry and Etsy, of course, but if you want the maximum amount of money to go into my pocket, buy through my own website!  Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Northern Lace Website Revamp

  1. I like the revamp of your blogsite but, it would easier still if you would set the font color to pure BLACK and not the light GRAY that I see now. I do not know why a light-colored font is all the rage. Your White or very light Lavender background is nice but not if I have to squint to see the type.

  2. I agree with you! However, I am sorry, but I cannot change that. WordPress has a set of options that come as packages. I could change the whole package but not just the type colour.

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