Teaching 2016

My weekend on Papay seems a long time ago now.  But it was a great weekend and one I will remember for a long time.

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We were staying in the Beltane hostel, the long, low building in the photo above.  It was originally a row of farm labourers cottages which now houses the community shop and the hostel.  The dining room doubles as the island bar and ‘cinema’ and it was there that we held the classes.

My first expedition is always down to the wool shop.  Yes – readers of this blog will know that Papay Post Office is my LYS!  I did my usual, going a couple of times to look before deciding what to buy.

On the way we passed both the school and the school livestock.  The Papay school has both sheep and alpaca.  And they are used in an awful lot of the curriculum.

Teaching 10

Teaching 06

The knitting classes went well, and everyone worked very hard – I should have taken gold stars to give out!

Teaching 01

Teaching 13

On the Saturday evening we had a spinning evening.  The light in the conservatory wasn’t perfect so Jonathan, the Papay Ranger who arranged the weekend, found some lamps.  We found the perfect place for one….

Teaching 03

The wheels were old and new.  This is Anne spinning on the wheel in the photo from the Orkney Archives shown below.

Teaching 11

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I was teaching again last weekend, this time at Laldie Haans, the Orkney Craft festival.  I was teaching spinning in the morning and lace knitting in the afternoon.  Once again folk worked very hard, and it was lovely to see the progress made in a short time.

Laldie Hanns 04

Laldie Hanns 02

Laldie Hanns 03

Laldie Hanns 01





5 thoughts on “Teaching 2016

  1. What kind of wheel is that old one? I have one that my mom found at a yard sale that appears to work, but someone glued a bunch of crappy wool to the distaff. I haven’t been able to tell if it is just decoration or a real wheel. It is too detailed for decoration, but the orifice is quite rough. Was there a metal orifice on the old wheels?

    1. It is a typical Orkney wheel, as is the other in the photo with Anne. Jenny’s wheel may or may not have been made on Papay, but the other old one definitely was. Most islands had someone who made wheeels.

      Yes – the oriface was usually metal.

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