Flotta Yarn Bombing

The Christmas Eve edition of the Orcadian newspaper contained the following report along with some photos.  I have added some more photos of the things that I took last week.

Flotta Yarn Bombing 003

Flotta folk woke up Sunday recently to find that yarn bombers had decorated the community tree with red and white crocheted decorations.

Flotta Yarn Bombing 005

Flotta Yarn Bombing 004

It was first thought that Kenny Gee, who organises the tree for the Community Council, had arranged for the decorations to be put up, but then other red and white knitted and crocheted items were found elsewhere. The wooden ‘men’ in one garden had been given hats, there was a Santa on the kirk steps, and Scandinavian a ‘nisse’ in one porch.

Flotta Yarn Bombing 006

Flotta Yarn Bombing 007

Flotta Yarn Bombing 009

Flotta Yarn Bombing 010

Later in the day, it was found that the three ‘Flotta penguins’ had also been given hats.

Flotta Yarn Bombing 001

Flotta Yarn Bombing 008

Knitwear designer and author Elizabeth Lovick, who lives on the island, was asked whether she was responsible. “Knitting is my work, not my hobby,” she replied, “and I am too busy to spend time on fripperies.”

At the time of writing, Flottarians still have not figured out the answer. But they agree that the decorations brighten up the tree.

Flotta Yarn Bombing 011


5 thoughts on “Flotta Yarn Bombing

  1. Very pretty! Hooray for the crocheter and knitter of “fripperies” 😉 ! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to (ahem!) her, too! If those dreadful storms are reaching you up in Shetland, please stay safe, warm, and dry!

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