Christmas at Shearer’s

As many of you know, Shearer’s, the traditional grocer in Kirkwall, have a Christmas shop each year.  Nothing different about that – many businesses do.  But Shearer’s Christmas shop is up on the first floor of the original shop where goods left over from the early years of the Twentieth Century are stored.  Original shelving, a clerk’s desk, and an animal feed hopper all feature, and if you look at the upper shelves and beams in many of these pictures you will see bits from a by-gone age.

Shearers 15  002

As you come up the stairs, a traditional scene greets you.  Often the shop’s cat is curled in the chair beside the (real) coal fire, but not today!  It is only as you start to look more carefully that you see the old radio and the tilly lamps.

Shearers 15  003

So wander round the shop with me, and see what you see!

Shearers 15  004

Shearers 15  005

Shearers 15  006

Shearers 15  007

Shearers 15  008

Shearers 15  009

Shearers 15  010

Shearers 15  011

Shearers 15  012

Shearers 15  013

Shearers 15  014

Shearers 15  015

Shearers 15  016

Shearers 15  017


9 thoughts on “Christmas at Shearer’s

  1. What beautiful photos. Thet say so much more to me of the season than the plastic insanity at the shopping malls near where I live.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours. How I wish there was peace on Earth, and goodwill towards all humanity.

  2. Sure wish there was a shop like that around here…just walking around it must certainly get you in the spirit of the season. Happy Christmas to you and a Healthy, Happy New Year as well!

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