RNLI Longhope Fundraiser on Flotta

Longhope is our local lifeboat. I often see the boat in the Longhope harbour when I walk Isla on West Hill. Many of the lifeboat crew – all volunteers – work on the ferry. So it is very much part of our life.

RNLI on Flotta  001

Every November the Ladies’ Guild come across for a fundraiser. They bring RNLI merchandise, bric-a-brac, a book stall, a raffle and several other ‘games’.

This year they brought Stormy Sam, the RNLI mascot. He greeted us at the door, and was generally available for photo opportunities!

RNLI on Flotta  002

They also bring Hector, their mascot. And Hector is a Scottie. His owner is Angus Budge, one of the crew who is a scallop diver (more about that later!)

RNLI on Flotta  003

Hector is used to such events; he has seen it all before. So when no one was looking at him, he took the chance of a quick nap…

RNLI on Flotta  004

Then I brought Isla. They had met last year, and seemed pleased to see each other!

RNLI on Flotta  005

The wind was pretty blustery, and it was raining a lot of the time, but we managed to find a dry spell to take some pix of the two Scotties together and various other combinations. Isla was totally uninterested in Sam…..

RNLI on Flotta  006

… and Hector wasn’t too sure!

RNLI on Flotta  007

But I did manage to get some nice ones of Angus with Hector and my Flotta friend Celia with Isla.

RNLI on Flotta  008

I also got some nice ones of the two Scotties with Angus.

RNLI on Flotta  009

Trying to get both Scotties looking in the same direction without having them walk towards me was not easy!! This is the best of that bunch!

RNLI on Flotta  010

Remember I said Angus was a scallop diver? Well, one of the raffle prizes was a container of hand-dived scallops, fresh from the Flow.

RNLI on Flotta  011

And who won them? Well, I did!! And very, very nice they were too…

RNLI on Flotta  012

They raised £438 on the day, which considering the total population of the island is only about 65 is pretty good. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any piccies of the islanders buying. Next year I will try to remember to do so.

RNLI on Flotta  013


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