Autumn in Switzerland – Schynige Platte

I have been up Schynige Platte twice, the trips being a week apart. The first trip was up through the clouds to summer sun and autumn colour. The second was also up through the clouds, but this time to winter snow.

Purely by chance I took many photos at exactly the same spot on both occasions. So here are a few of the pairs.

Schynige Platte  005Schynige Platte  006The Schynige Platte line is a steep, narrow gauge rack line, with electric engines. It goes up the mountain on the south side of Interlaken, and if the clouds had been more cooperative, I could have seen my hotel on the way up.

The line goes through the trees …

Schynige Platte  003Schynige Platte  004… and comes out above the tree-line looking across the Lauterbrunnen valley …

Schynige Platte  011Schynige Platte  012…and the Grindelwald valley.

Schynige Platte  016Schynige Platte  015At the top station you look right across to the ‘The Three Giants’ – the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.

Schynige Platte  013Schynige Platte  014There is an alpine garden at the top, and walking through part of this you look south to some striking rock formations.

Schynige Platte  007Schynige Platte  008Looking more easterly there are more.

Schynige Platte  009Schynige Platte  010Schyige Platte is the end of a ridge, with walking trails along to First, above Grindlewald. It takes 6 hours to walk to First, something I would have loved to have the health to do!

Schynige Platte  001Schynige Platte  002


7 thoughts on “Autumn in Switzerland – Schynige Platte

  1. We find your blogs so interesting Liz–like you,we always talked of walking to First but it never materialised!!We were never in snow either,it really looks lovely,you have certainly made good use of your days out there.

    Had our flu’ jabs this afternoon,good job done.

    Enjoy your last day-wonder what you’ll do?

    Love,Mum and Dad.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Lovely – and a nice comparison of the pics! We once did the walk from Schynige Platte to First, but we were starting late so we had to run to get the last cable car back down – I think, they saw us coming running and hold one cabin escpecially for us 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for showing me so intimately a place I will probably never get to.
    I have loved your excursions.

    I have sent it on to friends who might get there.

    Great photos.

    Have more fun. I am in South Florida ,USA. Wanna come?


  4. Beautiful photos Liz, they brought back lovely memories of my holiday in Interlaken 35 tears ago but you ventured more afield and saw a lot more than I did.

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