Autumn in Switzeland – The Niederhorn

It was another dull day at ground level, but the webcam showed that the top of the Niederhorn was in sun. As the journey up there involved a funicular and a cable car I went!

The journey upwards starts with the funicular.

At the top of this, the cloud was still above me, and there were views down to the lake below.

Then it was time for the cable car. We went up into cloud very soon, and showed no sign of coming out above it. When we got off, the could was lighter, but still there.

However, very quickly the cloud lowered, to show the mountains on the other side of the lake.

I wandered up to the top of the ridge and looked over. I saw clouds, the shadows of the ridge – and a triple rainbow. It took me a while to realise that the central shadow was, in fact, mine!

I sat in the sun looking over the mountains for a long while. The cloud started to thin, and soon the valley over the other side of the ridge was visible.

As I came down, the cable car was soon through the cloud, showing the trees and farmland below. When I was last here, more than 40 years ago, there were almost no houses on this side of the lake…

Niederhorn  009The funicular going down was almost empty. It, too, was new since I was last here, and the new cars have glass roofs to give a better all-round view.

I had a while at lake level before my bus came. With the cloud disappearing, there was a good view across the lake to Speiz…..

Niederhorn  011.. while on the lake people were fishing.

Not long before my bus came, one the lake cruisers can into view.

I wondered about taking it on to Thun, but decided to save that for another day!


2 thoughts on “Autumn in Switzeland – The Niederhorn

  1. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    I look out the window and see a beautiful Autumn coming to Carolina.
    We go to the mountains for SAFF soon.

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