Autumn in Switzerland – Brienz Rothorn

My love of mountains, trees and steam trains comes together on the BRB! This narrow gauge track goes up the Rothorn from the lakeside town of Brienz. Almost all the engines are steam – little engines which push the two coaches up the mountain.

The first few hundred metres is through the town…

Briez Rothorn  002… and then the lake comes in view.

Soon the track snakes through the trees.

At this time of year the colours are amazing, and when I went up there was the added effect of the low cloud acting as mist.

Just as the mist thinned we came to one of the crossing points, where the track doubles to let the up and down trains cross.

Then on up out of the mist to glorious sunshine on the mountain tops.

Towards the top, we could see back to the cloud in the valley from where we had come.

At the top most folk went off to eat. I took photos of the trains…!

Briez Rothorn  014I then walked a short way up to the ridge, where there was a bench. Turn one way and you have this view:

Briez Rothorn  016Turn the other way and you have this:

Briez Rothorn  017And turn a bit further to see this:

Briez Rothorn  018I was up the top for a quite a while, and there was wall-to-wall sunshine the whole time. Great fun!


7 thoughts on “Autumn in Switzerland – Brienz Rothorn

  1. Thank you Liz for lovely pictures,dad has spent ages looking at them and we’ve been reviving old memories,it’s amazing how,between us,we can recall minute details.

    Tim was round this morning for coffee and also Helen’s mum,Wendy,then after an early lunch I went to W’rose. for a small shop–Joth is doing a bigger one at M’sons.on Saturday,it’s not particularly big but there are several heavy items.

    Have you had snow-it looked on some of your pics as if there were fresh falls on the mountains,weather here is beautiful except a bitter east wind which is keeping temperatures down.

    Dad’s trousers have come-they are fine,little bit long in the leg but Julia has shortened them and dad is finding them very comfortable and they look nice.

    Uncle David is coming over for the day next week so we’ll take him out for lunch.

    Dad in the shower and it’s time he was out so I’ll go and suggest it’s time to call it a day!!

    Love from both of us.


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  2. We went on the Brienz Rothorn at this time of year 2004 and I found myself woefully under-shod when we reached the summit, there being several inches of snow. Looks like you got a better day for it.
    Thanks for provoking happy memories. I usually read your blog for the knitting content, but it was a lovely surprise to have memories rekindled.

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