Autumn in Switzerland – Interlaken

Today was s’posed to be an easy day, but I still seemed to pack a lot in!

I started off to go up the Harder Kulm Funicular.  I have been to Interlaken many times, but I have never done this one before.  On my way I had to cross the River Aare, and had a good view of my hotel.

Swiss 1  001Once at the top the low cloud closed in.  So I took some close up shots.

PhotoELF Edits: 2015:10:08 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop; resizeAs I walked and sat at the top, the cloud came and went, giving glimpses of the hills and valleys.

There is a viewing platform which one has to share with a cow!

She has a lovely face…!

As I walked towards the funicular to go back down, the clouds lifted further, and gave views of Interlaken and Wilderswil.

On the way down I sat at the front of the car, and saw some wonderful views.  Nothing, though, gives the idea of the steepness of the track!

 At the half way point, the ascending and descending cars pass.

While up on the hill I had seen paragliders taking off.  They land in the centre of Interlaken, and I spent quite  time watching them coming in to land.

Swiss 1  010Then, walking along the street minding my own business, my eyes focused on this:

So I had to go….

It was a tiny space crammed full of all sorts of yarns – a wonderful collection.

As I sat and had my lunch, I had a companion on the bench with me!

Then it was time for my chocolate workshop at the Funky Chocolate Club, a shop in the centre of town run by two girls with a passion for good chocolate.

It was great fun.

And these were my three efforts, still warm at this stage.

I have to go back for my bars tomorrow or Saturday.


12 thoughts on “Autumn in Switzerland – Interlaken

  1. HI Liz, it’s so good to hear from you again! Looks like you are having a gorgeous time. I think the swiss tourist board should make you an ambassador, since you make us all think about visiting the place 🙂

  2. LOVED your blog pics. They took us down memory lane, they’ll keep dad busy for hours! You had told us about the yarn shop but not how you stumbled across it!-good old “Ruth”quite incredible how these things happen,I bet you were like a kid in wonderland, I would have been and the lady looked so friendly.

    4 passes today, hope you stop at the Hostelry before the last leg back down,we had the most scrummy bowl of soup with warm rolls when we were there and they had a beautiful St.Bernard-wonder if they are still there?

    Just been over to the shop and met everybody so it’s now getting on for coffee time.

    Love.mum and dad.

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  3. Your travelogues give me beautiful glimpses of places I will never get to visit; thank-you! (And I for one get a very real sense of the steepness of the track; those villages are WAAAAY down there in a tiny little hole between steep mountains!)

  4. Beautiful photos! Isn’t it fun to know wherever you go, there are folks who speak the international language of Wool.

  5. Beautiful photos!!! Scenery ( you can tell how steep that track is from the pic!!!), wool and chocolate — sounds like heaven to me.

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