Flotta in Summer

The weather has been awful this spring and summer. Cold and very wet. But there have been a few nice days, and some interesting skies. These are a few photos taken on my everyday dog walks.

One walk takes us along a track running above the harbour. The nearer pier is used by commercial boats while the link span (for the ferry) is the one further back.

On a different day, the light was completely different. The island of Fara with the Hoy hills behind.

I had visitors one day, and the ‘guns’ were very popular!

July 15  003
I often park here, and walk along the track. The views over to South Walls are always changing with changing weather. This is one of the two Martello towers under the sun’s spotlight….

July 15  004
…. and on another day it was the lighthouse which was highlighted.

July 15  005
One beauty of constantly changing weather is the rainbows. One day the bow was spectacular, with very bright colours.

July 15  006
It was a full bow, and this was the other end:

July 15  007
A few yards further on I got a better view of what was actually at the end of the rainbow. An Arctic Skua!

July 15  008

The weather hasn’t always been bad. One evening we went out quite late and the Highland cattle were grazing close to the path.

July 15  009
I cannot resist taking loads of photos of these animals! All have slightly different shaped horns….

Then over the horizon came the bull. So here is a family group!!

And finally, for those of you on Ravelry I thought I might change my Ravitar for the summer. Not much difference!!

July 15  012


6 thoughts on “Flotta in Summer

  1. Thank you for a taste of your beauty before I arrive.
    On Saturday a guild member invited the guild to her farm.

    Yesterday at Carolyn’s farm the guild people were telling me how much better I was doing than last year.
    While there I got to teach a young mother how to knit and help her girls with their spindle spinning. The youngest was spinning from the Curico sheep she won in an essay contest.

  2. Dear Liz,

    come to my place, we really have a hot time!
    Too hot to stay outside, a lot of thunder and flashes in the evening and the bats flying around at night…

    So because of the heat I sit inside and study your “magic of shetland lace” and the ‘mini shapes book’, I must dp better with lace knitting!

    Have a nice sunday evening,


  3. And there I was , thinking you’d be changing your Ravatar to one of those cattle.;)
    I had no idea they had such variability in their horns.

  4. I would love watching the changing light there. Someone posted a real estate ad for an estate on Yell; in my dreams I’d move me and my critters (horse, Shetland sheep, and dogs) tomorrow!

    What breed is the bull?

  5. thank you for sharing, it is lovely to see the other side of the world, we have had a very cold winter, hope we don’t get a very hot sumer

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