Book Review: Vintage Knits for Babies by Rita Taylor

I have been spending a lot of time on my own books recently, so when I was asked to review this one I jumped at the chance! Rita has looked at patterns from before 1920 up to the 1950s and updated them for today’s knitter. A wide variety of yarns are used, most of them standard 4 ply/fingerings and DKs.

I have known Rita and her designs online for a while, but this was the first time I had seen one of her books. As I opened the packet I was immediately struck by the cover – a gorgeous photo which makes you want to open up to see more. This is a hardback book which feels good in the hand.

Rita Taylor 003 The inside did not disappoint! The layout involves plenty of space round the instructions, and the bold type of row numbers and the headings of the different pieces make it easy to keep your place. This is a book to use as well as to look at.

Rita Taylor 006The photography inside the book is as good as the cover! There are several photos of each garment both on and off the baby, and you can see clearly how each garment is made up. I say ‘garment’, but there are also some gorgeously ‘old-fashioned’ toys in the book too.

Rita Taylor 002The patterns are grouped by use and include both special occasion and every-day clothing. Most patterns have two sizes, some have three. There are plenty of pretty dresses for the girls, but boys are not forgotten, and I adore the ‘sun suit’ with yachts worked in knit and purl.

Rita Taylor 005This is a book which will be useful for mums, grannies and friends! There are plenty of pretty and useful clothes here, many of which would make excellent gifts. Bootees and bonnets, blankets and bricks.

Rita Taylor 004I have many books of baby patterns, most with two or three patterns I have knitted. But this book is a definite ‘desert island’ book. Everything in it calls out to be knitted. And being vintage, the shapes have stood the test of time. These patterns will not date.

Rita Taylor 007Definitely a must-have book!

Vintage Knits for Babies by Rita Taylor, published by Jacqui Small
ISBN 978-1-909342-81-1 Price £20/US$29.99


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Vintage Knits for Babies by Rita Taylor

  1. Looks as if you are in for an interesting time–do I recognise some of the patterns or is my memory playing tricks?

    Dad much more with it,doing the jig saw at the moment in between watching snooker, dressed himself this morning and cork holding.

    Weather not bad though still cold.

    Love from us both.xx

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