Up the Mannlichenbahn

The Mannlichen is the range of mountains behind Wengen. They are not hugely high, but they are covered with very skiable snow slopes, and so there are various ways of getting up there! The simplest is straight up by cable car, starting about 50 yards from the door of my hotel. But I like trains.

So I first went up to Kleine Scheidegg, and then caught another train down the other side towards Grindelwald. The weather was glorious and the scenery very pretty.

001 way down to GThe weather was good enough to have the windows open on the train, so it was easy to take photos!

002 way down to G with trainAs we neared the bottom of the valley, the effect of the sun in melting snow was very visible. The south-facing slopes had much less snow on them.

003 G valleyLeaving the train at Grund, I walked over to the Mannlichenbahn. This is a 4-man gondalbahn going right up to the top of Mannlichen, taking 30 minutes for the journey.

005 looking down gbThe first part of the journey up is over farm land, then it is through the trees. Apart from the slight him of the wires, all you can hear is the sound of running water, and looking down, you can see streams through the trees.

006 streamIn the slightly more open areas, the sun casts shadows on the snow – this is trees, their shadows and a pylon reflected in the car window….

007 looking down….and this is a bit higher up, once out of the main forest.

008 tree shadows and EigerIn summer this whole area is alpine pasture, and in amongst the trees and ski slopes there are real farms with housing for the cows over the winter.

009 real farmOnce above the tree line there are huge areas of skiable snow.

010 ski tracks and gbThe top of the gondalbahn is on the top of the ridge….

012 top of gb…. with views all round.

013 gbAnd where there is sun, there are deck chairs (at 5 CHF per time!)

014 chairsThe view down to Wegnen is breath-taking. The drop is shear, going down 2,000 feet…

015 L valley and Wegen from M…with another 2,000 down to the floor of the Lauterbrunnen valley.

016 Lauterbrunnen valley from MTurning further round on the same spot, the view is of the Eiger and Wetterhorn.

017 Wetterhorn and Eiger from MOr you can look nearer to hand and see the Tschugger with some of the vast area of snow round about. The dots are skiers….

018 Tschuggen and snowThere are two ways to get back down to Grund. Guess which one I took!!

ways to get down from Mannlichen


6 thoughts on “Up the Mannlichenbahn

  1. Wow, you are so fortunate to live in a part of the world that you can travel and see beauty like this, let alone live in the beauty of Orkney that you do. Again, thank you for sharing. In the last post my husband loved seeing the Eiger.

  2. Beautiful photos Elizabeth, a treat for someone like me who has an aversion to heights and would never venture a trip on those lifts!

  3. One summer we walked down with our children! It was utterly exhausting but we found a bus about half way that saved our sanity. It looked so easy and not too far…. I am really enjoying the memories even though I never visited in snow.

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