Up to First

That is the mountain range, not the position! Wengen is on one side of the Mannlichen range, with the Grindelwald valley on the other, and beyond that is the First range.

001 First range

To get there, it is a case of taking the train to Kleine Scheidegg and changing to the Grindelwald train, which had been packed with skiers coming up, but was almost empty going down.

002 train with skis

On the way down, I noticed a deer on the edge of the a stand of trees.

003 deer

Once in Grindelwald, it is a 10 minute walk through the town to the gondelbahn. Then up and up.

004 bort station

The gondolas hold six, but by timing it right, I got a car to myself. Travelling is so quiet….

005 cable cars at top

… and high up you cross a snowy wilderness.

006 snow

From the top you look over the valley to the Mannlichen range and the Eiger. Kleine Scheidegg is also visible…..

007  notated mountains

… and you can also see the train tracks going up past the Eiger.

008 train line

Grindelwald’s mountain is the Wetterhorn, which came and went in cloud as I watched.

009 Wetterhorn peaks in cloud

On my way home, the cloud had cleared, and the sheer sides of the mountain were very obvious.

012 Wetterhorn
The North Face of the Eiger was also very clear. It is never in sun, but the light was showing up all the cracks in the rock.

011 north face
012 eiger lump

The light also showed up some of the chair lifts used by skiers….

013 chair lift

… as well as little details close to the track.

014 tree stumps

2 thoughts on “Up to First

  1. Thank you so much for the Grindelwald area pics. Was there last year for the first time and loved it. We go often back to CH where I lived and met my husband. Only good memories.

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