Hello Wengen!

I have arrived in Wengen, Switzerland. For those of you who are not familiar with the country, Wengen is in the Alps, set over 4,000 feet above sea level, and about 2,000 feet above the valley floor. It is a gorgeous village – I have stayed here before and it is the place I keep coming back to.

I am staying in a hotel I have used before, the Sunstar. My room has a balcony with a view over the Lauterbrunnen valley. In the afternoon, the sun shines full on to the balcony, so the other side of the valley is in shadow….

001 view from balcony… and in the morning, the mountains across the valley are in full sun.

002 morning viewFor my first full day here, I HAD to go up to Kleine Scheidegg! This is the col at the top of the pass between the Eiger and the Mannleichen range, and it is where ski runs start to go down to both Wengen and the Grindelwald valley.

003 KS teepeeTrains also go down both ways, and also up to the Jungfraujoch.

004  KS JJ train and EigerOnly today, the wind got up, and trains were suspended! So I spent 2 hours sitting people watching and gazing at the mountains with the blue, blue sky and an occasional gust of about force 7!!

005 KS Lauterbrunen train 1They then decided trains could go down, to take the hundreds of folk stranded at Kleine Scheidegg back to their starting point. I came back via the Coop, and bought myself the perfect lunch – rhubarb tart and cold coffee – which I ate on the balcony, watching the flags.

007 lunch006  3 flagsI also watched a couple of workmen opposite. Mountaineering skills come in useful for working on a roof…!

008 mending the roofAnd now I have got the internet working in my room. So I can work while I play! And, of course, I can post.

15 thoughts on “Hello Wengen!

  1. Grüezi Liz und Willkommen in der Schweiz!!
    Be sure and let me know when you fly back so that we meet at the Starbucks for a catch up visit.
    Hope you have a wonderful time despite the snow. It’s quite a bit more like spring down in Zürich.
    Anna S

  2. Grüezi und Willkommen in der Schweiz! Great to see you’re back.
    I hope we can meet again at the Starbucks before you fly home.
    Let me know which day, and I’ll try and meet you. It would be lovely to see you.
    Have a wonderful time up there. It’s looking a lot more like Spring in Zürich!

  3. Lucky you, Liz ! Enjoy Wengen and the splendid environment ! Do you plan to go up the Jungfraujoch ? You have to, if possible (maybe too soon yet), it’s breathtaking up there. We spend many holidays at the opposite side of the valley of Lauterbrunnen in Mürren. Actually you can easily visit Mürren from where you are 🙂

      1. hi Elizabeth
        I am near St. Gallen….. if you should come also in this direction I would love to invite you for a meal… just shout…
        have a great weekend, ciao ciao Christa

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