Centenary Stitches is Printing!

Centenary Stitches is now with the printer, and we now have to wait. Once I get the proofs signed off , the presses will roll, and hopefully the book will be ready for the première of the film on 8th November.

A last minute hitch meant that many of the photos had to be retaken, so here are a few of them. Most were taken by Pauline Loven, but a few of the beach ones were taken by Tom Hinckley, who also models in the beach shoot. He is only 17 but clearly has talent!

There are more pictures over on the Northern Lace Press website. (You can also pre-order the book there.)

A version of Grace's jacket and the fitted sweater.
A version of Grace’s jacket and the fitted sweater.
Shoulder cape in ctochet.
Shoulder cape in crochet.
Striped tam and wrap.
Striped tam and wrap.
Driving coat.
Driving coat.
William's waistcoat.
William’s waistcoat.
Crossover shawl.
Crossover shawl.
Rose leaf lace wrap.
Rose leaf lace wrap.
Aran gansey and the blue version of grace's jacket.
Aran gansey and the blue version of grace’s jacket.

And there are other pictures on the Centenary Stitches site here.

5 thoughts on “Centenary Stitches is Printing!

  1. What a pain to have to redo photos at the last minute, but the new photos are lovely. Congrats to your new photographer, and please tell him that when he takes that waistcoat off, I want it! The two shawl photos at the beach are wonderfully expressive…I could just hear the song from West Side Story “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

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