A Preview of Something I have been Working on…!

As you probably know, I have been working on the costuming of the film Tell Them of Us. We have been translating old patterns from the era to knit for the cast.

In addition, Pauline Loven, the person in charge of the project, asked me to design couple of patterns to be given away at the exhibition and on line.

Pauline and I wanted the patterns to be typical of the period, but also something which would be worn today, and we decided on a matching hat and scarf, and a shawl.  More about the shawl at a later date, but here is the hat and scarf!

Hat and Scarf 2

For the hat and scarf, I took the idea from one pattern and the stitch pattern from elsewhere. I wanted a pattern which was double sided (for the scarf) and this one is both typical of the period and has an interesting ‘wrong’ side.

Hat and Scarf 1

This is sized from toddler to large adult, so there should be a size for everyone!

Hat and Scarf 2

Note that these pix are just working ones!! Pauline and John Bennett will be taking proper ones for the patterns.  And these are the child sized items on my toddler, Wren.

The patterns will be available, free, on-line after the première of the film the second weekend of November.

Hat and Scarf 4

5 thoughts on “A Preview of Something I have been Working on…!

  1. Hello! I just finished your article “Ganseys & Lace in the Orkney Isles” that is in the new issue of Knitting Traditions. I loved it! It was so interesting and the photos were great too. Thank you. I’m quite interested in historical knitting and you’ve given me something new to learn. I’ll be ordering your books soon! Your life on the island must be so interesting.

    If I want to order yarn, is there a place to see it online?

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