A Year of Bliss!

I cannot believe I have had my Bliss spinning wheel for more than a year. It only seems like yesterday that the box arrived and we put it together. It spun well straight away, and had been spinning well every since.

This is my first spin on it. (Purists will see that I am spinning the Northern Isles way, with my front hand on top of the thread.)

PhotoELF Edits:2014:07:03 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop; resize

Over the past year a good number of folk have spun on it, including a local friend who went on to buy one for herself.

002 Julie and Bliss

Back in the autumn, we had a Bliss day in the village in Wiltshire where my parents live. This was one of the first multi-Bliss wheel meets in the UK!

PhotoELF Edits: 2013:10:12 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop; resize

So what have I spun on my Bliss? The simple answer is LOTS! It is the one wheel I keep in the house, as it is so easy to spin on quickly without spending ages setting it up.

The first set of yarns I spun was for a lengthways scarf. For this I spun fine singles and a variety of thinner singles, and then plied them in various ways.


Some singles were slubby and some smooth, and there are caged yarns, core spun, and Navajo pied yarns.


Then I spun up some chunky yarn for a pair of mittens…

006 yarn and wpi gauge

… and some aran weight for a ‘snuggle’.


During last year’s Tour de Fleece, I set myself the challenge of spinning 1 kg of aran weight Corriedale for a sweater for my son.

008 TdF 004

And here is the full kg:

009 P1160722

I then spent a bit of time working at the other end of the scale, spinning a fine lace weight yarn from small rolags:




I had some lovely rainbow gradient fibre from Hill Top Cloud, and I spun and Navajo plied that to make a hat:

013 merge_003

014 my yarnetc

I came across a pretty length of fibre which became this yarn:

015 freebie with wpi guide

And so I could go on! But I will finish with one more pic. This shows some of the two ply yarns I have spun with my Bliss over the year – from left to right – lace weight, 3 ply, 4 ply, aran, chunky, and as thick as the orifice will take!

PhotoELF Edits: 2014:07:03 --- Save - Overwrite --- mirror

I still love my Bliss. I still rave about it. It is still my wheel of choice for the vast majority of the spinning I do. And I am very grateful to Woolmakers for giving me the opportunity to own such a super wheel!

(And apologies for the long silence.  First I was chasing deadlines, then more recently I have had to come south as my mother had an accident in the shower.  She is on the mend, but I am here for a bit!)


13 thoughts on “A Year of Bliss!

  1. Love your spinning! Really beautiful. Oh how I want a Bliss wheel of my own! It sounds like all that I could want in a wheel.

  2. Sigh…just as well I cannot spin I suppose but this makes me wish I could. It’s lovely yarn you have there!

  3. Hope your Mom does just fine, and quickly. An aside, the best memories of my Mom that I have are those times when she needed me instead of the other way around. Good Luck.

  4. Could you elaborate on your spinning style? Is your front hand just pulling to help draft the fibres or are you twisting to add twist before drafting, or twisting to remove twist before drafting? I have a book that describes Shetland spinning for lace and it says that a spinner uses her front hand to untwist the yarn slightly so it can be drafted finer for cobweb weight yarn. I’m curious to know if this is how you are spinning.

  5. bonjour
    je cherche un rouet à deux pédales pour apprendre à filer et votre avis m’intéresse après un an d’utilisation !
    merci à celle d’entre vous qui voudra me répondre (translate by google)
    Provins / France

    I want a spinning wheel with two pedals to learn to spin and your opinion matters to me after a year of use!
    thank you to those of you who want to meet me (translate by google)
    Provins / France

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