Meet Isla and Meg!

On Friday afternoon, we travelled south from Inverness down the A9, through rain to just south of Pitlochry. It was there that we met up with Isla Reid, the rehoming officer for STECS Scottie Rescue. And there that I first met Meg and Isla, the two girls who were to come home with me!

Isla R had sent me photos of the two of them, so I knew what to expect: two very overweight girls, one black and one dark grey brindle, who has recently been clipped. They were in the back of Isla’s Belingo, and weren’t sure whether they wanted to come out!

Isla lifted them down. They weren’t too sure what was happening, but they soon managed to knit their leads!!

Meg and Isla 001

Nick put them in the back of the Fiesta with Nigel while I completed the paperwork with Isla. Then it was back north to Inverness to stay one more night with my friend Ingrid.

Ingrid has a big, fenced garden where we were able to let the dogs off the lead to potter about. I sat and watched their behaviour.

Meg (the brindle) was noticeably more nervous. She didn’t want to come out of the house at first.

Meg and Isla 007

Isla (the black) bounded over the grass, exploring everywhere.

Meg and Isla 004

Then they both discovered the end of the chicken run!!

Meg and Isla 002

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They did not bark or try to get to the birds to chase them, but just stood watching them, fascinated. It did allow me to get good photos showing their present size!

Meg, aged 11
Meg, aged 11
Isla, aged 8
Isla, aged 8

The next morning we set off fairly early. Isla wasn’t sure she wanted to get in the car again, but once in she settled. The journey up was uneventful, and they were not bothered by either of the two ferry journeys.

Once we got home, they were interested in the house, both of them exploring the house and garden. Meg had slept on a bean bag at Ingrid’s, so I had gone to get something similar on my way home. When I saw this one, I HAD to have it!

I put that down, along with Scottie’s old bed and their blankets. Meg tried the new bed first….

Meg and Isla 009

… but decided she preferred Scottie’s old bed! Typically, with a new bed and their two blankets to choose from, Isla chose the floor!!

Meg and Isla 008

Over the past few days, both dogs have been settling down. I have worked out that Meg isn’t just very stubborn and disobedient, but very deaf. She loves food, but doesn’t hear her dish being filled and doesn’t react unless she sees it. So I am keeping her on the lead all the time when out for walks.

Meg and Isla 013

Meg and Isla 014

Isla’s recall is pretty good most of the time, and after the first couple of walks I have let her go off the lead. If she fails to return to me when I call, she goes back on!

Meg and Isla 012

Meg and Isla 016

Both girls are loving the freedom of an open door, with access to the garden, and a slatted gate through which they can watch the world go by!

Meg and Isla 005

They have been introduced to many of the island’s residents, human and canine, and are learning what life is like on a small island. Both do have some issues, which we are addressing gradually. Both are on diets, and Isla is beginning to realise that barking is not acceptable! She is improving – to begin with she was barking at every car which went along the road.

But it is good to have furry beasts in the house again!


27 thoughts on “Meet Isla and Meg!

  1. So nice to see them enjoying the freedom of open countryside, and your open door. Isla looks settled already. I hope Meg gets over her sadness very soon. Much harder for an older dog. 🙂

  2. excellent! they look like they are really settling in and liking their new home. And it sounds like you are really enjoying the company. Love the photos and sharing.

    1. If she is in the house with me I am distracting her – she loves being petted. If she is outside I get within eye contact and instruct her to come in for a pet. She has already worked out I don’t like the barking, and will get out of eye contact!! I am getting a collar that emits a high pitched noise – it works on the vibrations on the throat, so it isn’t set off by other noises. They are reckoned to be the best type. She will wear that at certain times, and hopefully it will do the job. It is so much easier to make sure they don’t get into the habit rather than cure them of it!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos. It sounds like they are learning the rules. They’ll have a lovely life with you.

  4. I’m so happy for all of you. You, because you have lots of spare love and care going, and the girls, because they will surely flourish. If you’re seeing positive change (re the barking and wandering) I’m thinking they must be very smart girls. What a great retirement home for them.

  5. I’m thrilled, Liz! Rescuing is interesting, isn’t it? We are working hard still with Tam, who initially looked like he had no problems at all but has turned out to be teaching us a lot more about dog behavior. And won’t your pups be happier when they’re slimmed down a bit? All the better for frolicking. Tam was seriously underweight. It’s taken us just over six months to get him up to a normal, healthy shape. Onward! I hope to meet your new family members some time.

  6. How wonderful of you to do this for them. You are a very special person. All good thoughts and blessings being sent your way for you and Meg and Isla. A lovely share.

  7. So glad that you are all getting on well! It’s always sad to loose a close pet but at least it will mean that Isla and Meg have the chance of a fresh start and what a gorgeous place to do it in! All the best Liz.

  8. They are lovely Liz, if a little low slung at present 😉
    I have a deaf dog – he was deaf from birth & he is fine off lead, runs like mad, but checks in visually regularly. I give him a thumbs up “good boy” sign for looking at me

    1. Yes – deafness is a common problem with older Scotties. Meg is my third with the problem! I am using Makaton with her – as I did with the others!! The main problem is that with the others I was able to get them responding to hand signals before they were very deaf,so it was quicker. With Meg I am starting from scratch. But we will get there! I am using them in the house too.

  9. I think it’s nice of you to give two older ladies a good home! over here lots of the older dogs stay with the MSPCA forever, which is really sad, because they would deserve a good home, too! have fun with the girls!

  10. Lovely to see Isla and Meg, I like the way you take photos at their eye level I am sure they are going to be happy with you in their new home once they get over the strangeness.

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