On the Road Again!

I am writing from Inverness. On Monday afternoon I got a call from Isla Reid, the East and North of Scotland re-homing officer for STECS Scottie Rescue to say that if I wanted them, she had a pair of Scottie girls I could have. Less than 24 hours later I left Flotta en route south!!

I was the first car on the ferry from Flotta to Mainland Orkney, so I was right up the front of the boat. Another car came on behind, then the artic tried to board. Huge crunching and scraping noises!

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Lorry stopped. Crew looked. Crew radioed up to the bridge. Lorry backed off. Boat turned round. Lorry backed up the pier. We backed down the car deck. Lorry backed onto the boat.

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And off we went!!

I left the car at Houton, and Nick picked me up, and took me to his house before going on. I had a chance to take some pix of his dogs – Bess is 10 and Wobble is 6 months. (She has grown a huge amount since I last saw her!)

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We spent the night at Steve’s place on South Ronaldsay, then this morning, Nick, Nigel and I set off for Inverness. This was taken from the car while waiting to start loading:

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The ferry goes past Stanger Head on Flotta, so I was able to take some pictures of where I often walk!

To Inverness 005

The weather was mainly lovely. The yellow gorse is out at present, making the hillsides very pretty. This was taken at Helmsdale, where we stopped to have something to eat.

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A little further on we stopped at the Clynelish Distillery to get a bottle of their cask strength whisky for Steve.

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Tomorrow we are just shopping etc. Then on Friday we go to collect my new Scotties. Much, MUCH more about them on Sunday once I get home. (We are travelling all day Saturday.)

So instead of Scotties, have a few more pix of Border Collies. Wobble was fascinated by my small camera – she is used to Nick’s big Nikon!!

To Inverness 008

Later, once they had settled down:

To Inverness 009

And later still, a portrait of Wobble:

To Inverness 010


19 thoughts on “On the Road Again!

  1. I’m all excited for you. It is nice having two dogs. I fought it at first, having always had one, but two is great fun. Good for you. Lucky doggies.

  2. So excited for you! Two girls – I hope they bicker less than my sister and I and I hope the love each other as much. I love the picture of the two comedians trying to cram themselves onto one lap. Made my day.

  3. Lovely post and I enjoyed the pictures especially the last one of Wobble. Can’t wait to be introduced to the new lassies, have a safe trip back home.

  4. I am so very excited for you Elizabeth!
    I look forward to seeing pics of the girls later in the week.

  5. So glad for you, to have two new canine companions. Eagerly awaiting photos of your new family members (love that you stopped to pick up some whiskey!).

  6. I love your posts, and especially your pictures of Scotland – my favorite land away from home.

  7. Was excited to see your photo of Helmsdale with the old cemetery in the distance. You can clearly see the yew tree beside which is the grave of my great great grandfather and his descendants.

    Hope Friday goes well and look forward to seeing photos of new scotties!

  8. Two new girls to add to the family! what lovely, exciting news. I am so happy for you, Liz. anxiously awaiting photos of the “girls.” wonder about names? such fun.
    Bess and Wobble are beautiful. such good pictures!!
    I love the pics of scenery–it’s like being there myself. so beautiful. thank you for sharing such lovely news.

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