A Tiny Digression…

I know I should be blogging about Grace’s jacket, but that can wait.  Now I need to introduce…

01 wobble 1


(UK readers will realise why one might call a Border Collie, Wobble – I am not sure if the joke travels.)

Wobble belongs to my son Nick. She was chosen at about 4 weeks old, but Andy, who bred her (and Nick’s 10 year old Collie, Bess) won’t let his puppies go until they are at least 8 weeks old. And that is why his dogs are good – the extra two weeks with mum makes a huge difference to their confidence etc.

-2 woble 3

So Nick picked her up on Thursday, and on Saturday she met the rest of the Lovick clan, two and four legged.

Ben my older on, also likes BCs….

03wobble and ben

Then Nick had the bright idea of getting a pic with all four dogs – his two BCs, Steve’s Scottie and my Scottie. This was easier said than done….

all 4 1

all 4 2

all 4 3

(note that Steve, Nick and Bess all have the same expression in this one!!)

all 4 4

After a while I turned the flash on. It didn’t help much…

all 4 5

all 4 6

Steve also has two cats, which quickly asserted their superiority over the puppy. I didn’t get a pic of the interactions, as Wobble took refuge under the table…

Next time I really will post something sensible, but in the meantime, puppies only come every 10 years….

12 thoughts on “A Tiny Digression…

  1. Wobble truly is adorable. She has just the softest expression in her eyes.
    I love the photo of Bess looking utterly bemused, as if she thinks the rest of them are all crazy. Great photos. Made me smile. 🙂

  2. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing your family, two-legged and four-legged!

    Several of my older relatives immigrated here to America from the Highlands, and my granddad always had a BC (who herded me and my brother when were little). I think he loved his dogs better than my brother and me, and they were certainly better-behaved…

  3. How sweet to see the puppy pictures. The only breed I like better than BCs are Scotties and to see them all together – delight. Thanks.

  4. It’s taken me some time to recover from those pics (as a BC fan myself, I am only amazed that nothing got broken). Little One clearly has something to learn in the mayhem stakes as she seems to be pretty sensible throughout. Seems….

  5. Wobble, I love that name, is so precious!! The photos of your son’s and dogs are so funny..so glad you posted them.
    Also, the sweater is gorgeous!!!

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