Winter on Flotta

In the middle of winter, we don’t get a lot of light. So one has to make the most of what we have…

One good thing is that dawn is about 9 am, and another is that my kitchen window faces east. Although the sun is rising in the South East now, it does mean I often get to see beautiful dawns. This photo (like all the others) is as it came out of the camera.

01. another dawn

Although we don’t get much snow, the wind means it is usually pretty cold. Scottie has a favourite place…

02. Scottie and radiator

… as do the cats who live at the Post Office.

03. cats

Outside the kitchen window the birds enjoy the food I put out for them. These are starlings…..

04. Starlings

… and behind Scottie there is one of our ‘resident’ blackbirds.  He is a juvenile male,  born last spring, and noticeable by the white feathers (which shouldn’t be there!).

05. Blackbird and Scottie

In most weather, Scottie and I go out for a walk. As his coat is so thick, I usually try to get him clipped in October, but this year high winds meant that the boats didn’t go on the day he was booked in, so it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that he got ‘done’:

06. before and after

Most often our walk is from the house, down to the shore. I always carry a camera in my pocket, and it is surprising the shots you can get, despite dull weather.

07. cow parsley

08. smelling the grass

09. black sky

10. geese and eider

This last photo shows Barnacle Geese in the foreground, a couple of the bigger Greylag Geese behind, a Pheasant by the post, and Eider ducks and drakes on the water.

The track goes down between two fields, and for a while these beasts were in one of them:

11. coos

If we have been kept indoors for a day or two by the weather, and then get a bright, crisp day, Scottie turns into a young dog again, and runs about madly….

12. 1st Jan

… while I take advantage of the slanting light:

PhotoELF Edits: 2014:01:29 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop; resize

And finally, a photo of our destination. The wreck is at the bottom of the track, and cries out for pictures in many different weathers…

14. pan hope

13 thoughts on “Winter on Flotta

  1. What a beautiful sunrise and I love the other pictures as well. Your wee doggie is so cute I can picture him running by your side as you take your walk.

    1. Scottie scratched!! The geese are a real problem here. Numbers have gone up hugely, and they are now not leaving in summer, but staying put and breeding here. Why fly 1000s of miles when you are living in the lap of luxury here?? Orkney has now been allowed to shoot several thousand each autumn, and some butchers have a licence to sell the meat.

  2. By the way, it is very nice to see geese who are not Canada geese. In the winter, we are overrun with them. I still think they’re beautiful, but would rather not step in their leavings as we walk through the park {wry grin}.

  3. What beautiful pictures. I can even sympathize with the cold. We are having near zero F temperatures here in the Shenandoah Valley in VA, and winds blowing sometimes to 30 miles an hour. I haven’t been out walking. HA.

  4. What fascinating pictures! I live in Montana, USA and without blogs like yours, I wouldn’t know the beauties of so many places in the world. What would it be like to live on an island – so close to the ocean! The ferries, the wildlife, the cute sheep & their wonderful wool,….thanks for the view!

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