The Elvis Collection

Sometimes it starts with an idea. Sometimes it starts with a yarn. This time it started with a song…

I was wandering through the ColourMart site (as you do) when I came across this yarn:

PhotoELF Edits:2014:01:12 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop; resize

And into my head came I Want You to be My Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley. So the idea for Elvis the bear was born.

Ready Teddy Bear 003

One bear alone needs a friend. You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog was running through my head, so the Hound Dog came in to being. When the record first came out (yes, I am that old!), animal pyjama cases were all the rage, so it seemed right to have that option.

Ready Teddy Bear 005

Interestingly, Scottie recognised ‘dog’…

Hound Dog 002

As I was knitting him up, I thought how nice a sweater would be in this yarn – something longer at the back to keep the essentials warm, and with a nice big pocket for the hands. Long, long sleeves would also help to keep the chills away, and the whole thing would be super-snuggly.

That Loved On Look 002

Hamish had his Big Tractor parked outside his shed, so I HAD to use that as a background…

That Loved On Look 004

By now I was singing all sorts of Elvis songs as I was knitting, and the idea of an Elvis Collection, with the items inspired by specific songs came into being.

I had been looking at the catwalk shows, and loved the Chanel fur helmets and gauntlets! Those HAD to be named for Crazy Arms…

Crazy Arms Helmet 002

PhotoELF Edits: 2014:01:11 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop; resize

…. the cowl made with left over colours was obviously Hawaiian Sunset…

Hawaiian Sunset Cowl 004

…. and the tablet cosy, or bag, had to be Moody Blue.

Moody Blue Bag 002

Incidentally, this is ‘made’ by a button from Dixie Nichols, made by her father, and a length of chain found on ebay!

It was one breakfast that I came up with the Money Honey Hoodie! It was so teddy bear-like it just HAD to have ears! The day we photographed it was cold and windy, and Natasha didn’t want to take it off!!

Money Honey Hoodie 003

Money Honey Hoodie 008

The yarn is not only good for large, comfy sweaters, but for neater garments too, so a cropped jerkin seemed like a good idea. I like pockets on everything, so this has pockets too. I closed the front with a Norwegian pewter clasp, but it would also look good with a zip – it does depend on how you like wearing such things.

PhotoELF Edits: 2013:11:30 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop; resize

(Incidentally, this was made to fit Natasha but the weather cancelled my ferry the day I was due to go over and take pix! Julie, a friend who used to live on Flotta, came over a few days later, and as it fitted her, she let me take the pix. Thanks Julie!)

PhotoELF Edits:2013:11:30 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop; resize

SO… How can you get hold of these lovely patterns??  There are several options.

The Elvis Collection ebook contains all the nine patterns.  It costs $15 and is available on Ravelry or ColourMart.

The three garments and the two toys are available as individual patterns, priced $6 each.  Clicking on the pictures will take you to the Ravelry page for more details and the chance to buy.

In addition, the four accessories (hat, mitts, cowl and bag) are available from ColourMart as one pattern priced at $6.

The yarn comes in lots of lovely colours from ColourMart here, and for the next couple of weeks there is 25% off.


8 thoughts on “The Elvis Collection

  1. Just love all the patterns and the wool is wowwww! have bought the jerkin pattern but Colour Mart wont let me in to the site to actually get as far as buying the wool- any ideas?

  2. Just finished the jerkin yesterday and have been wearing it ever since (not in bed!) So comfy and so pleased with how well it turned out. Put photo on my Facebook and gave you credit for the pattern. Many thanks

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