The Town of Alesund

After yesterday’s washout, today has been great!! The forecast was mixed, and that is the way the weather turned out.


But by careful timing we missed the worst of the weather having a coffee!


The four of us walked from the hotel along the main street, and down to the ‘canal’ that separates the two parts of the town.


Alesund is built on two islands, and this waterway, crossed by one bridge, cuts the town in half. However, in 1905, it didn’t stop the great fire from destroying most of the town on both islands. Because of the fire, which destroyed 2000 houses plus businesses, the whole of the centre was rebuilt at the same time and in the same, Art Nouveau, style.

h4 sm

Five architects were involved, and many buildings have the details synonymous with that style. It is definitely a place for looking up!

h6 sm


We headed over to the cruise terminal to board the ‘town train’. This is a road ‘train’ which takes you on an hour’s tour of the town and a very comfortable slow speed, giving you plenty of time to see what the commentary refers to.


The train circles the southern part of the centre then takes you out and up to the viewpoint above the town. From here you get fantastic views down over Alesund itself and the neighbouring islands.




Near the Hurtigruten terminal you can see our hotel…


… and this is my window!


When we got back, we did a bit of shopping…! I couldn’t find any decent knitting books or mags, but got a lovely boiled wool jacket and some very warm woolly slippers. Pix some other time I expect!

We also went to the local supermarket and bought stuff for our meal this evening. Yesterday we had local crab (amongst other things) and today we bought some air dried lamb and some moose sausage. I also bought jars of the cloudberry jam that you get in this part of the world. There is nothing so good as this in natural yoghurt. Come winter, I will be able to remember my time here as I sit in my woolly slippers eating cloudberry jam…!!

We head home tomorrow. The timing is perfect – not too early a start, so we can enjoy our breakfast, but not too long hanging about. We fly from here down to Bergen, then direct to Shetland and on to Orkney, arriving in Kirkwall at about 4pm local time.


8 thoughts on “The Town of Alesund

  1. If you have time, try and see if you can get a copy of Made be me, which is a very inspiring Norwegian knitting magazine, edited by Tine Solheim. You won’t find any ‘lusekofter’, but a modern, Norwegian take on knitting. Look here:
    Kind regards

  2. So glad you had a better day today….thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos! I didn’t get a chance to see Alesund when I was in Norway two years ago; now I think I must go back!

  3. Hi Liz, thanks so much for the virtual tour! Just a minor point – the architectural style in Alesund is Art Nouveau, also called Jugendstil in German. It’s my favorite style of archetecture and the reason I’ve wanted to go there. I’ve been to many other parts of Norway but Alesund is still on my bucket list. Orkney was too but by a happy turn of events we were able to go there last year. We loved it!

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