Greetings from Norway!

I am going to pretend I wrote this last night…!

 Some of you may remember I went to the Faro Islands a couple of years ago with Andrew Morrison, of Andrew’s Adventures in Shetland.  This year we are taking Nigel to Norway for 5 days.  There are 20 of us, including 3 Lovicks (Steve, Nick and I) and Nigel.


One of the great things about the trip is that it starts in Kirkwall.  No need for going south!  And the beauty of an organised trip is that when you get to Bergen, you don’t have to find your own taxi, but just get on the minibus Andrew has organised!

 Once in Bergen, we joined the Hurtigruten ship, Nordkapp, for 24 hours.  We had been on this boat before a few years ago (I wrote about it then!) so knew the lay out etc.  The buffet dinner and breakfast was extremely good, as were the berths.


Overnight we travelled up the coast to Alesund.  Instead of getting off, we stayed on board and spent the day going down fjords to Geiranger and back.

 P1170255 sm

 The weather was changeable, with quite a bit of rain at times, but beautiful sun at other times.  We based ourselves up by a window, so we could see out – and I had enough light to knit by!



Every now and then I took Nigel out on to the open deck close to where we were sitting to take photos.




P1170288 sm

We arrived back in Alesund at 6 pm, and it was a very short walk to our hotel, the Thon.  It is one of a chain, and perfectly adequate for what we want.  A meal was laid on, which was excellent, as was breakfast.

 So now we come to this morning.  Nigel hardly slept at all, and so Steve is shattered.  (I will be doing the night shift tonight to give Steve a rest.)  Steve, Nick and Nigel went off on a bus tour, and I got a taxi to the Fisheries Museum.  Which said it was open until 30th August.  Which was shut.  Their website still says open until 30th.  Notice on door says shut from 18th

 To say I am cross is putting it mildly…  Twice before I have been here a day or two after it was shut, but I knew that before I left.  This time it said everywhere that it was open.

 The only good bit was my lovely taxi driver, who had stopped to check his emails.  I told him what had happened, and he brought me back to the hotel (not far) for nothing.  He was lovely.

 So come to Alesund for the taxis not for the museums….


6 thoughts on “Greetings from Norway!

  1. Odd that the museum should be closed as the summer holidays are over- students back in school from this week…. (At least in Trondelag..)
    I love the twilight in Norway- many memories of sewing/knitting in clear natural light!

  2. what a great trip. I am so pleased for and sorry that the museum was not open. I took the Hurtigruten trip and it was breath taking. Have a lot of fun and joy,
    ciao ciao from Switzerland, Christa

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