Cataria Christening Set for a Boy

This started a long time ago. Folk on the ColourMart yahoo group were bemoaning the fact that there were no patterns for a Christening set suitable for a boy. I started on this one fairly soon after that, but all sorts of things got in the way and it is only now that the pattern is out.

Cataria 002

I started with the idea that the set had to be fun to knit (not too much straight garter stitch!) but not be too lacy to be used for a boy. When my boys were small I found the shape of an angel top so easy and practical for dressing, so I went with that. The idea of the lacy collar, which could be omitted if required, came quickly too.

Cataria 008

Cataria 009

Again, dungarees (rather than leggings) are practical, as they keep the baby together when being handed round – no falling nappies or cold midriffs! Straps with moveable buttons took care of different sizes of baby.

Cataria 003

Both pieces have the possibility of elastic or ribbon at the ankles and cuffs, and ribbon at the neck. Lots of lovely, long ribbons will look very good for a ceremony and photos, while shirring elastic is more practical for everyday use.

Cataria 004

Separate bootees help make the set adaptable for different sizes of baby and the lacy panel on the top of the foot continues the celebration theme! Again, ribbon or elastic add practicability.

PhotoELF Edits: 2013:06:25 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop; resize

While working on the set, I was conceiving the shawl. I wanted something which could be used either for a baby, or for mum, and in a wide variety of situations. Once more I wanted something suitable for a boy, so not too lacy.

PhotoELF Edits: 2013:06:25 --- Save - Overwrite --- crop; resize

The centre-out design using the same pattern as the body of the angel top was soon conceived, as was using the same lace on the edging. The border was the last part to slot into place, and that came as I was playing with designs in my charting software.

Now the patterns are available through my Ravelry store.

The whole set, including the shawl, costs $10 and can be bought here: 

The shawl only is $6 and can be bought here:


6 thoughts on “Cataria Christening Set for a Boy

  1. Elizabeth, I just wanted you to know. I signed up for your blog and I don’t even knit…lol. The things you create are just so lovely and finished looking, that I enjoy looking at them. And I hope you do realize you have become an artist with this. When I see you speak in terms of creating a piece that should be “fun” and you are planning it to be not tremendously lacey for a boy, for instance, it means you have become an artist. and I could go into the exact reasons why you are an artist, but I think you are aware of them. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent with us all, and I wish you a happy day of doing what you like best! warm regards Michele

      1. You know what Liz, I try! I do! I try to be kind! because this world can be a terrible place without kindness! So if I see the opportunity, I take it. Your work is so lovely it was ridiculously easy to be kind here!…lol. I just wrote to my governor making a plea for the homeless in my community, who have no shelter in the winter. That was a much harder affair to accomplish, but I got a letter back from her today. She allocated 8 million dollars toward shelter for them from our state budget!
        I’m just a simple housewife. People forget that a voice, even a small voice, that speaks with the volume of compassion and kindness for their fellow man, is a loud voice indeed!
        So pay the kindness forward if you can!…through any act great or tiny. You have no idea how it may change the life of someone you meet! Again…have an amazing day! warm regards Michele

  2. I love your work! I wish I had a new baby Grandson to make this for.

    I do love the white circular shawl in the first photo. Do you have any details about it?

  3. This is sooo nice. To me, it looks like a little Robin Hood tunic. Thanks for sharing. BTW, the white shawl definitely caught my eye, too.

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