A Wheel named Bliss

I must first declare an interest. I did not buy this wheel, I ‘won’ it from Woolmakers, who sell it! But that doesn’t alter the fact that this is one great little wheel.

When I heard I had been lucky enough to win one, I was (obviously!) impatient to get it. It was sent by carrier, and we only get carrier deliveries to the island on a Friday morning. On the morning I HOPED it would come, I was down at the pier waiting for the boat.

Bliss wheel 001

And there is the waiting room was The Box.

Bliss wheel 002

When I first picked it up I had a few misgivings. It was so light. And the box was so compact. I half wondered whether the rest was in another box which hadn’t arrived….   At this point The Dog was Not Interested.

Bliss wheel 003

Unfortunately I had a load of work on all day, but that meant in the evening, Steve and Cathy were able to come round to help me put it together. They ended up doing the work while I took pix and The Dog supervised.

Bliss wheel 011

Being good, we read through all the instructions first, so we knew what was coming.

Bliss wheel 010

Then Steve set all the bits out to check everything was there (it was) and the assembly began.  One small, but telling, point – the screwdriver and spanner needed to assemble the wheel were included in the box.

PhotoELF Edits:2013:05:27 --- Save - Overwrite --- resize

Cathy was deputed to sort the flyer out and screw in the hooks….

Bliss wheel 006

… and Steve wielded the screwdriver.

PhotoELF Edits: 2013:05:27 --- Save - Overwrite --- resize

.. while Scottie made sure nothing ran way.

Bliss wheel 004

Most of the assembly was simple for one person, but attaching the wheel to the frame was easier with the extra pair of hands.

Bliss wheel 007

The instructions were straightforward, and the only point where we weren’t quite sure at first was which if the two screws was which. We then realised that one was bigger than the other, and that the bigger screw went in the bigger hole!

Once it was complete, we had a few arguments about who was to spin on it first, but Cathy insisted I should!

Bliss wheel 014

It ran beautifully right from the start.

Once I had had a play, Cathy had a go….

Bliss wheel 017

.. and then Steve.

Bliss wheel 015

Over the past week I have been putting the wheel through its paces, but I’ll leave that until another day. Suffice it to say, I’m very impressed…


9 thoughts on “A Wheel named Bliss

  1. What fun, Liz! You look great at that new wheel, and I loved seeing it put through its initial paces by all three of its assembly crew. And how very excellent that you had a DOG to supervise. I’m sure that’s why everything went so well.

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