My First Ravelry Project

Although I knit rather a lot (!!!) I don’t put my projects on Ravelry. There are several reasons for this, mainly that I am usually knitting for some kind of publication and I don’t want stuff on line before it is finished and published. In addition, time is precious and I prefer to be knitting or spinning than being on the computer more than is essential!  But I now have one…

For the same reasons I rarely buy patterns. But when I saw that Theresa Silver was doing a KAL alongside her Cooperative Press book Hat Couture I couldn’t resist. So I bought the KAL and downloaded my first Ravelry pattern. The pattern was for a hat, starting in the centre of the crown. After the first few rows there were options about the exact shape right through to the type of brim.

The pattern called for an aran weight yarn of a ‘rustic’ natural which would be firm. I was on North Ronaldsay at the time, and I had a couple of braids of fibre from Katie at Hilltop Cloud with me. I spun this up on my old Louet S10, working in the conservatory overlooking Nouster Bay, to give me the right tension. I deliberately spun it fast, giving a not-quite-even thread, spun fairly tight.

01. fibre

02. my yarn for hat KAL

My first choice was a flat top (rather than rounded) followed by oversized (rather than snug to the head). Then I went for shorter, rather than longer, sides, and a full brim.

03. hat with brim on needles

Before I started the brim the hat fitted perfectly. But changing to garter stitch for the brim pulled the bottom few rows of the sides out, making it too big. The shape was brilliant and I felt that pulling the bottom of the sides in with, say, petersham on the inside would spoil the shape.

04. ready to be blocked

As the fibre was mainly Shetland and merino, I decided to felt it in the washing machine. That worked perfectly, and the hat was exactly the right size.

07. felted to show shaoe

The texture of the surface was also perfect!

08. felted to show texture

My next problem was how to trim it. As the fabric was thick, it needed something substantial. And the many colours in the original fibre braid gave an almost tweedy effect. I tried a couple of Nichols brooches I had with me. One was too big and the other too small! I finally settled on a length of yarn, again spun on the Louet. The first I tried wasn’t right, and this second is quite right either, but it is working for now!

09. finished as of now

I have worn the hat several times. It fits snugly, and stays on in most weathers. It can be scrunched into a bag and comes out exactly the right shape again.

10. finished on

I am well pleased!


16 thoughts on “My First Ravelry Project

  1. What a great hat. Hmm I have one or two overly large hats, I wonder if I used a feltable wool? Very great project. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Very snappy. What a good save, too. That yarn is wonderful.

    I felted a ‘slouchy’ hat I had made for my niece. It fell over her face like a bucket. (Everything I made that Christmas was too big. My nephew got the Big Foot socks.) Shrunken down it is a cute little cloche.
    I love your idea for the hatband.

  3. As well you should be! It’s a glorious chapeau that shields an enormous number of brains :-). Thanks so much for posting your process. Good thing it’s 90+ degrees here (Fahrenheit); otherwise I would case on for this rather than the St. Kilda’s shawl for which I have just gotten the yarn by post!

  4. I normally wear beanies. I wonder: does the air-space at the top keep it slightly cooler when the weather is changeable and a beanie would be too warm?

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