North Ronaldsay, April 2013 – Part 5

It doesn’t seem possible that I was on North Ron for 5 weeks. It feels like a second and for ever…!

I left yesterday. In the morning my car went off on the boat….

car leaving North Ron

…. but Scottie and I stayed on and caught the afternoon plane.

I saw changes in the land and sea scape while I was there. For example, the daffodils were in bud when I arrived, but over the weeks gradually came out:

daffs 1

daffs 2

daffs and Scottie

Throughout Orkney, people plant daffs of the sides of their tracks, and the road side outside their properties, giving a fabulous display in spring:

daffs 3

The number of seabirds also increased significantly. When I arrived, the fulmars were there, always the first to come back, along with oystercatchers and redshank…

oyster catcher and redshank

but in the last week numbers of black headed gulls and eider ducks arrived.

birds 1

eider and gulls

The sheep were, of course, there all the time, as were the seals. But the seals, both commons and greys, were starting to move from their winter to their summer haul outs. This meant that the numbers in front of Nouster varied considerably…

six seals

seals on Nouster beach and water 2

seals on Nouster beach and water

seal tracks and Nouster

It was a happy and productive time. I worked on three magazine commissions, the final samples for my book, a pi vest and a pi split shawl. I had three sets of friends to stay, and took hundreds of pictures. I met new folk, renewed friendships with many ushers, and brought home 12 kg of roving to dye.

I suspect Scottie and I might do this another year….!



5 thoughts on “North Ronaldsay, April 2013 – Part 5

  1. Every time I read your blog, I fall in love with the Orkneys all over again! Daffs, as you call them, are my favorite flower!

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