Fishing for Ganseys

GanseyFest seems ages ago… (It was October 2011) That was the big event organised by the Moray Firth Gansey Project. And now they have come out with what they call a booklet – but I call a book!

Fishing for Ganseys

It is called Fishing for Ganseys, and in 60 pages it has more information than many books twice its size.

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The project’s brief was basically to find out as much as possible about the ganseys of the Moray Firth area and to make sure this was documented and to do all they could to keep the tradition alive. This book gives a summary of their findings along with photos, and including a new gansey pattern.

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There are old photos here from various sources, and photos of some of the ganseys they have found. I especially like the two double page spreads of ganseys where you can see the stitches.

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The book also tells stories from the past, and the story of their involvement with local schools.


The fashion perspective is also present.

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This book is one anyone who has even a passing interest in ganseys should acquire. It is available from the Moray Firth Project website, for the grand sum of £4.

Buy It!!!


5 thoughts on “Fishing for Ganseys

  1. Just sent off an email to them. Thanks Liz for letting us know about this! Can’t wait to get my copy (especially since I had planned to go to this, and life got in the way)

  2. thanks for the info – actually I prefer this type of sweater to arans with fat cables! they are fun to knit, but tend to make large sizes look even bigger!

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