I have to support local craftsmen….

The tax man continues to take more off me than he should, so every January, when I send my figures in, I get a rebate. I look on this as a savings scheme, and use the money to buy something special.

Several years ago I used it to buy my Orkney sloping bed wheel from Granville Swanney, Orkney’s only remaining wheel maker.

Granville Swanney sloping bed Orkney spinning wheel

And this year I have bought his other design, the upright spinney.

Granville Swanney upright Orkney spinning wheel

Like the sloping bed, it has the three distinct Orkney features, spokes which are thicker at the rim:


…a treadle that is chamfered to the bar….


… and two deep rims on the wheel with two separate drive bands.


Granville very kindly brought it round as I am car-less at present, and I went straight to some glorious fibre from Hill Top Cloud’s club. The greens went so well with the mahogany!! Without any alterations I was spinning laceweight and extra chunky on the same setting!!


So when Granville left, I started taking pix. Very soon Scottie decided I needed foreground, and that HE was more interesting than this wheel…

Scottie and wheel posing med


11 thoughts on “I have to support local craftsmen….

  1. I love the new wheel!!! The first one was nice but I really do love the second one. Christmas in January – what a great idea. I believe in supporting local Artisans as well. And local dawgs too, of course.

  2. That looks like something wonderful to do. Look at that yarn. I might have to take a class in that, Elizabeth. Wonder how many spinners are living in Miami FL?

  3. Your wheel is so lovely, and you’ll be spinning everything imaginable, in the perfect gauge, I’m certain. But your Scottie…oh, he is really a MrPersonality !!!

  4. I would really love to buy one of those Orkney uprights. Does Mr. Swanney ship? Does he take commissions? Beautiful, beautiful wheel…the spoke design is especially lovely!

    1. I am fortunate to have one of Granville’s wheels, and to have met him. I’ve never regretted buying my beautiful Jeannie, as she is called. She makes spinning very fine yarns easy and relaxing – and she looks so beautiful in our living room. The only one of my wheels given that honour 🙂

      1. I did read about your amazing experience in meeting Mr. Swanney and purchasing one of his wheels! Lucky you…and happy spinning!

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