Welcome to 2013!

The wind is down, the sun is shining.  A good start to a new year.

I thought I would show you the photos I have used in the Flotta calender I did for 2013.  Last year I did one for a few relations, and it was seen by my friend Linda who asked if she could buy one.  So in the end I made and sold 20 more.  This year it was 30.  The proceeds go to the island heritage center which should, with any luck, open this year.

I hope every one of you has a very good 2013.

The Flotta kirk
The Flotta kirk
01 jan F
Dawn over Stanger head
02 feb F
Highland cattle, looking over to the Golta Peninsular
03 march F
Thrift, or Sea Pink, and other spring flowers on Stanger head
04 april F
Looking across Scat Wick to the farm Banks
05 may F
Primroses in the heather
06 june F
Oyster Catchers (here called Scalders) on the shore. Insets l to r – female grouse, various ducks, young blackbird
07 july F
The Rosie family moving cattle along the main road
08 august
Looking down on the Burnside houses and the east of the island
09 sept
The Longhope lifeboat, the Helen Comrie, on exercise, while hay is turned
10 oct F
The Hoy Head, our ferry, on her way to Flotta from Lyness on Hoy. With Fara behind and Hoy behind that.
11 nov F
Rainbow over the east of the island
12 dec F
‘My’ robin in my front garden


12 thoughts on “Welcome to 2013!

  1. Love the pictures of the island! Is your house in the collection on the east side that you took?? Wish it didn’t cost an arm & a leg in postage to buy a calendar or I’d get one for fun!

  2. And a Happy New Year to you Liz. It’s 4AM here on the Wet Coast so I’m not at my best.

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