After Nairn, I changed buses in Inverness, stopping only for (lovely) soup and a tray bake in the Artysans cafe. This is run by a trust who employ young folk who have had problems with work or home and trains them in various areas. The food was lovely and the service was excellent.

Then it was on another bus up to Strathpeffer. This is a village which, in the Victorian era, grew in to a thriving spa. So it has lovely Victorian buildings which have been well preserved.

My B&B was a lovely house built in the 1830s and furnished very much in that period. My ‘landlady’ ‘upgraded’ me (her word!) from the single I had booked to a twin as it was bigger and she thought I might like the space as I was staying 4 nights. I did like it! The room was lovely, the shower good, and the breakfasts wonderful…

The weather came and went. The village is in a valley with trees everywhere:

I am not used to trees, and so couldn’t resist taking pix:

The weekend workshop was held in the Community Center, and was great fun. The first day I completely forgot to takes photos, but I did remember on day 2.

The subject was designing knitwear and using handspun etc, especially in the traditional areas of ganseys, lace and Fair Isle. Everyone worked very hard, and we had a good deal of discussion about ways of tackling various problems.

At the end we had a show and tell of what we had been working on. Some folk had complete FOs while others had the swatches for something bigger.

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