Shetland Wool Week – part 3

Although Friday saw the last of the workshops I was teaching, my time didn’t stop there. Saturday was the Maker’s Market in Lerwick, and took some of my knitter’s jewellery and workbook CDs.

I was delighted to see several old friends, and especially pleased to be next to Margaret Peterson, who had been allowed out of bed by her doctor – but who was being kept in order by her niece! She was spinning while Yvonne manned the stall.

Sunday was my day off! We arranged with Margaret to go for a Chinese meal at lunchtime. We arrived at 1.30 and left at 5 pm!! A long lunch, with plenty of good food and good fibre chat.

Just as the sun was going down we went to the tombola across to St Ninian’s Isle. I had a bit of a potter on the sands, while Cathy and Steve went across and walked round the island.

On Monday the ferry back to Orkney left at 5.30 in the afternoon so we had most of the day free.  I had business at J&S so we went there first.  Steve said he wanted another fleece, Cathy said he didn’t need more.  In the end they compromised and bought three fleeces each!!!

Then it was off to Frankie’s for fish and chips, the Peerie cafe for afters and coffee, a potter about and the boat back to Orkney.

The following pic might be appropriate for the end of our stay. It was taken from my bedroom window, which faced due East. So it is not sunset, but sun rise…!


8 thoughts on “Shetland Wool Week – part 3

  1. I’d have taken three fleeces, too, whether I “needed” them immediately or not. I’m sure they’d come in handy! Thanks for the vicarious traveling, Liz. It’s a delight.

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