Shetland Wool Week – part 2

Two more busy days.  I am told the weather has been quite good, but I wouldn’t know…!!

Thursday was the Dyeing for Wool workshop that was actually in the programme!  We said we could take 6, but that became 8.  However, as we had two rooms, it was really 4 at a time, so there was plenty of time for everyone to have a go at all the different techniques.

The Thursday dyeing group had as much fun as the Wednesday crowd.  The ‘sock blanks’ were very popular:

Meanwhile, in the other room, Niela’s group were also enjoying life:

As before, after lunch the groups swapped round:

Everyone went home with a big bag of wet fibre..

Then today several of those folk, and some from Wednesday, came back with dry fibre ready for the Drumcarding Divas workshop.  The was also over subscribed, and we managed to put in a couple of extras.

Between us, Niela and I had examples of every UK make of carder, plus some of the US ones, so everyone was able to try several different makes and see the advantages and disadvantages of the different features, cloths etc.

By the end of the day everyone was surprised to see how much work they had done!  We had a show-and-tell so that we could all see how others had used texture and colour, and there were plenty of Ooos and Ahhhs…

Some folk had been spinning up their batts as they went along, and we also talked about possible ways to spin our batts.

Now I am in my room at the B&B listening to the wind howl and the rain lash against the window.  With any luck it will blow itself out overnight, and be beautiful for tomorrow’s makers’ market…


6 thoughts on “Shetland Wool Week – part 2

  1. Right, I definitely want to come next year! Maybe if I start saving now…
    Seriously – it looks such fun, very instructive and so productive. Sigh.

  2. I wonder how many enthusiastic and dedicated wool workers there are in the world – I am meeting so many in different countries and different sectors. After a lifetime in the wool industry I am still learning and am amazed at the ingenuity and skills wool artisans have. Many thanks for all your support for our great industry from the farm up. Hopefully we can keep the creative instincts flowing.
    Here`s to a bigger and better 2013 Shetland Wool Week – I have some ideas…..

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