Shetland Wool Week – part 1

It has been a very busy couple of days!  So not much in the way of words, but plenty of pictures!

I was driven here by Steve and Cathy – Cathy is the nurse on Flotta, and both she and Steve are keen spinners.  We came up on the overnight ferry, and once we had had breakfast, we went straight to J&S to look at fleeces.  There we met Jane Cooper, an old friend.  Fortunately Steve has a big car – we each ended up with a large black poly bag of fleece…

We are staying in a B&B in Sandwick, close to where we’re doing the workshops.  The view from my room is stunning:

This island is Mousa and it has the most complete broch anywhere.  (A broch is and iron age fortified house, basically!)

I spent most of the rest of Monday and Tuesday getting ready for the workshops Niela and I are leading…

The Tuesday evening was my first ‘event’ – the meet up in J&S of the J&S Lovers Ravelry group.  Over 30 people were able to come along.

They enjoyed goody bags..

And exploring Cathy Scott’s Stitch Mastery charting program…

… and knitting….

… and talking….

… and buying.

Then today was my first workshop.  My friend Niela and I agreed to do one dyeing workshop and one drum carding workshop.  But the dyeing one sold out so quickly we agreed to do a repeat.  So today was the first of two.

This is Niela, on the right…

And here are some pix of the hard work which went on:

And some of the ‘show’ at the end of the day:

Didn’t they do well??


8 thoughts on “Shetland Wool Week – part 1

  1. What fun! Thanks so much for sharing. Even a visit with a cup of tea would be lovely. Shetland Wool Week would be over the top. That said, I’m having rather a good time here, doing more wool research. So that’s good {grin}.

  2. Love the photos and the lovely colours of the wool and fleece. Scenery is magnificient strange not seeing trees as we have here in NZ

  3. Sigh – wish I was there with you. Do have to say that it is great to see some younger faces in the classes! Average age of our guild is apparently about 72!

  4. Your post was very interesting. I was in the area during the late summer and was bowled over by the views. I came across Niela’s shop and could not resist buying two of her knits, even though I had already spent up. Her eye for colour and shape is superb.

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