Knitwear Design for Spinners and Knitters

I’ve just released my latest ebook. Called Knitwear Design for Spinners and Knitters, it has been a while in the making! It is aimed at spinners and knitters at all levels of ability, and is focused on helping you design things for yourself and your friends.

This book starts with a section for spinners looking at how best to spin yarn for a specific project. It suggest what fibres are best for drape, for example, and what are the pros and cons of different fibres. It talks about how you might prepare your fibre for spinning, and what method you might want to use to spin it.

It then goes on to talk about things you need to consider when designing items for yourself and your friends, whether using hand spun or commercial yarns. Throughout there are many photos of the techniques and points being talked about, using examples in all areas of knitting.

Then, as I am an expert on this, there is a comprehensive chapter on ways to get round mistakes!! All tried and tested personally….!

After the general section, there are chapters on lace and colour work design, including talking through the real process of designing an actual piece. And finally the completed patterns for the Hexagon Shrug and a sampler hat in Fair Isle patterns.

The full list of contents is as follows:

Spinning for Knitting
Choosing your fibre
Choosing your colour
Choosing your preparation
Choosing your spinning technique
Using Art yarns
A word about swatching

Knitwear Design for Spinners and Knitters
General approach
Amounts of yarn needed
Yarns and needle sizes
Starting to design
Designing a hat
Random bits and pieces including shoulders, edges etc
Specifically sweater design
Dealing with disasters
Designing knitted lace projects
Taking a pattern from an old photograph
The design process – the story of a shrug
Designing Colourwork
Choosing colours
Designing a Fair Isle beanie
Hexagon Shrug pattern
Fair Isle Sampler hat pattern

The book costs 20$ and can be bought from Ravelry, whether you are a member or not, by clicking on the button here:


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